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Photo: Here’s A T-Shirt That’ll Throw Snowflakes Into A Full On Hissy Fit

Whoa, Nelly! Leftists aren’t going to like this one for a bunch of different reasons… or is it just because of ONE reason?

In this anti-Trump era, if you wear a Make America Great Again hat, you can be attacked at a popular restaurant chain. If you work for the Trump administration, you can be refused service at a restaurant. You could be harassed by protesters, or have them gather in front of your home.

Heck, if you work for DHS, you might find a decapitated, burned animal on your front steps.

And if you’re President Trump, you’ll be called everything from a liar to literally Hitler. They’ll debate about the state of your marriage, your health, or publicly speculate whether or not your 10-year-old son is autistic.

Alleged comedians will create elaborate stunts and then withdraw their apology.

Your entire family is fair game.

That’s the Tolerant Left for you.

This bro is wearing a shirt to remind Leftists that Donald Trump has that ‘spark of divinity’ that Nancy Pelosi says we should all respect.

Let’s enumerate why the Left will really hate this shirt.

First, there’s a smiling man.

That smiling man happens to be black.

The smiling black man is wearing a shirt that is pro-Donald Trump.

The pro-Donald Trump shirt that the smiling black man is wearing mocks Black Lives Matter.

The pro-Donald Trump shirt mocking Black Lives matter that the smiling black man is wearing says that Donald Trump Matters.

That brings it all back to the single issue that Leftists are most upset about:

Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America, Hillary isn’t — and America is all the better for it.

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Doug Giles

Doug Giles is Pastor of Liberty Fellowship in Wimberley, TX, and is the founder of (290M+ page views). Giles is also the author of the NEW book, The Wildman Devotional: A 50 Day Devotional For Men. Follow Doug on Instagram and Truth Social at @thegilesway and on Twitter @TheArtOfDoug.

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