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News Clash

P*SSIFICATION: Being In Shape And Athletic Ability Are Negatives According To Prof Snowflake

And longevity, too! Three guesses who they blame for that ‘problem’.

For a group that, until five minutes ago, pretended every one of their ideas was grounded in science, everything is astonishingly political.

Two professors argue in a newly published anthology on “feminist nutrition” that “athletic performance” and “longevity” are simply “Western values.”

“Critical Nutrition: Critical and Feminist Perspectives on Bodily Nutrition”—one of 16 chapters in the book Food & Place: A Critical Exploration—was written by Temple University professor Allison Hayes-Conroy and her sister, Jessica Hayes-Conroy, who teaches a “Feminist Health” class at a small college in Upstate New York.

Calls for healthy eating “remain embedded in contemporary culture and politics,” the Hayes-Conroys assert. “Countless recent studies offer insight into weight loss, longevity, or athletic performance—all predominant Western values.”

They also argue that nutrition is not a “politically neutral science,” saying the concept of “critical nutrition” is predicated on the belief that “calls for healthy eating are never purely factual.”
Source: Campus Reform

The fact is, that ‘western culture’ has the luxury of having the wealth and variety of choices at supermarkets that they can worry about which foods are best. As opposed to Venezuela where they have eaten the animals out of the zoo, or subsistance farmers in various parts of the world where you have basically the same meal every day.

As for athletic performance, that requires enough wealth accumulated that so that you can care about something beyond working 12-hour days just to keep ahead of the cost of living.

And if things like ‘athletic performance’ are ‘western values’ perhaps they can explain the existance of the Olympics.

It makes you wonder if attaining the higher levels of stupidy might require a special education.

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