Trump Shows Kim His Limo Called ‘The Beast’ And It’s Epic!

Written by Doug Giles on June 12, 2018

As far as ‘iconic cars’ go, this one’s tough to beat.

American culture is tied pretty closely to iconic cars… even if the Left is hard at work making our new cars ‘safe’ and boring.

We’ve had a long and storied tradition of high-octane muscle cars, to be sure. But some cars have risen to legendary status — with a little help from Hollywood.

The Delorian from Back To the Future:

The infamous “General Lee”:

And the Batmobile — in its various incarnations.

But in real life, it’s hard to beat ‘the Beast’, the President’s own limo.

And KJU just got just a little peek inside.

Trump and Jong-un had just finished off a working lunch when the American president appeared to make an unscheduled stop at the huge armored car, known as The Beast.

News footage showed the world leaders approaching the American flag bedecked limo, before Trump gestured to the car and a Secret Service agent opened the passenger door.

The North Korean leader smiled as he was allowed a rare look inside the $1.6 million vehicle which is designed to survive a military-style or chemical warfare attack. The car travels everywhere with the U.S. president and flies in the belly of his plane when he’s abroad.

It’s like the guy who’s only ever flown economy sneaking a peek behind the curtain that leads to business class. He never got in, but he got to see a world well beyond his own narrow horizons.

Have we forgotten that Trump is — first and foremost — a marketer?

For Kim to accept Trump’s terms, Kim must first fall in love with everything he has to gain from it. A peek into the ‘First-World’ life of luxury certainly would appeal to someone who’s accustomed to the Hero-worship demanded of the Korean public.

Was Kim perhaps envisioning a prosperous new era dawning, one in which he could be driven around in such a car, too? Trump wouldn’t be the first salesman to let the ‘prospective buyer’ feel the dream in his hands (so to speak) before he signed on the dotted line.

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