Watch: DHS Head Driven Out Of Mexican Restaurant By Obnoxious Snowflakes

Written by Doug Giles on June 20, 2018

Isn’t that lovely ‘civil discourse’ we get to see when the “left goes high” so wonderful and inspiring?

There was a time when owners wouldn’t let ‘your kind’ (who and what that ‘kind’ actually meant would change from generation to generation). The Left has taken that up a notch.

They have begun treating whatever restaurant they frequent as ‘theirs’ and any patron of that restaurant who does not meet with their personal ‘approval’ will be deemed unfit to share the same oxygen as them. And any soul upon whom that judgment falls shall be driven from their midst.

Isn’t it odd how often real-life situations involving totalitarian leftists resemble dystopian films? But we are steadfastly assured that the RIGHT in all of those films are the villains, dontcha know?

Here they are disrupting her dinner — and not just hers — with their noisy and antagonistic pressure tactics.

Everything is political for these goons. They had zero regard for the restauranteur or other patrons… at all.


Have these morons nothing better to do than make a public nuisance of themselves?

Let’s remember what Neilsen herself said:

She’s not opposed to enforcing different laws… it’s just that her line of work does not let her pick and choose which laws to enforce.

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