Watch: Priest Slaps A Little Baby During Baptism – What Would You Do?

You would think this sort of thing would be covered in the training and hiring criteria of priests…

Here’s the situation. It’s a baptism.

Little junior is being held by a stranger, getting splashed, and is generally uncomfortable. He starts crying. Normal enough, right?

You’d think this situation would have come up in the general training of priests.

Should he…

(a) shush the child and give him a second to quiet down?

(b) proceed, speak over the crying child until you get to the part where you can hand him back to mom and dad?


(c) speak gruffly to him “Look!” before slapping him in the face?

No, really. It was bad. See for yourself.

Imagine the horror of being in that situation!

You’re wrapped up in the most sacred and precious moment of baby’s young life, and suddenly the Priest cuffs the baby upside the head?

Imagine that had happened to you… what do you do next?

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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