Watch: Woman Asks The ‘Wrong’ Question About The ‘Wrong’ Religion – Ends Up Being Arrested

Written by Doug Giles on June 20, 2018

This is what happens when special interests eclipse personal rights or the rule of law.

This is the bass-ackward world the Liberals are hoping to turn America into.

Once upon a time, the UK stood tall among the nations.

They gave us the rule of law.

They gave us a stable parliamentary system that has been successful in countries around the world with checks and balances that our own system has borrowed the best parts of.

They were enormously influential in the development of individual rights and led the abolition of slavery.

They were the birthplace of the freaking Magna Carta, for Heaven’s sake!

But now, it’s become a country that Margaret Thatcher would no longer recognize.

Watch two interactions this one British woman has with the police:

LONDON: A woman who ask police why Muslims were allowed to pray in the park but other citizens are not, finds herself arrested at home.Congratulations…. they have accomplished what Hitler could not.

Posted by Populist Wire on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

She was lead away in cuffs, and they threatened to break down the door. Do you think the conversation she had with the cop had something to do with it?

Is she going to have a fair trial, or will she be “Tommy Robinson-ed”?

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