Why The Supreme Court’s ‘Masterpiece Bakery’ Decision Makes Some Uneasy…

Written by Shawn Meyer on June 7, 2018

Regarding the Masterpiece v Colorado Supreme Court case:

The men who started this controversy are lying. They could have gone to Jack Philips (bakery owner) and ordered a birthday cake and he would have been happy to serve them. They know this. But, that wasn’t good enough for them. They used the power of the government to attempt to force a Christian to violate his religious convictions by creating a product that celebrated something he believes is wrong.

These men are tyrants who believe in persecuting those who disagree with the sexual practices they have chosen.

Another perspective on Masterpiece v Colorado: I don’t think it’s wise or accurate to reduce this to a speech case; it’s even more fundamental and relates to cultural conscription.

But all that’s beside the point. How hard should we be celebrating? My initial reading of this ruling left me with an uneasy feeling. I now understand why. The message from our black-robed rulers seems to be: When you persecute Christians, try not to be so obvious.

Image: Excerpted from: https://pixabay.com/en/contemplation-of-justice-166710/

Shawn Meyer
Shawn Meyer, father of seven and husband of one, is a small-town Midwest pastor. A public speaker with diverse interests, Shawn has trained and lectured for schools, churches, camps, and charitable groups on topics ranging from bioethics to bow hunting. Boisterously active in politics and cultural reformation from his youth, Shawn’s fighting spirit is inspired by love of God and country.