Belgians Tell Illegal Immigrants To Buzz Off – Civil War’s Brewing

Written by Wes Walker on July 20, 2018

Is this ‘extremism’ or the ‘natural consequence’ of a short-sighted attitude to the Refugee crisis?

Welcome to the ‘flip side’ of that “Refugees Welcome” movement.

It’s more of a  “Refugees Wore Out Their Welcome” Movement.

And this is in direct response to Belgium’s role as the garburator of the refugees no other European nation was willing to take. It’s one of those rare occasions where a European government is being proactive to ‘pump the brakes’ on the abuse of refugee status.

What’s the problem? Like an ugly prom date, Belgium is the back-up plan for people who were denied refugee status in other, more appealing European countries.

In 2017, more than 100,400 people applied for asylum in France, according to the Asylum Information Database. Of those, only around 13,000 were granted refugee status. Over 73 percent, or 65,302 asylum applications, were rejected. So, what actually happened to those people?

In recent years, Belgium has become an important transit country for rejected asylum seekers from the Netherlands, Germany and France. Asylum seekers rejected in other European states, as well as new migrants who have just entered Europe, often gather in Belgium with the aim of ultimately reaching the UK.

The development is noticeable in public places across Belgium, particularly in the capital Brussels. Refugees can be seen strolling around the international bus station at Gare du Nord. Most of these asylum seekers hail from Sudan, a country which was not among the top 10 countries of origin for those applying for asylum in Belgium last year. Being a former colony, Sudan has considerable British influence and Britain too has a sizable Sudanese population.

Latest phase in the migration crisis

Critics claim that recent developments in Belgium reflect the latest phase in the migration crisis which has been responsible for the disruption of politics in one European country after another. It’s Belgium’s turn this time. The center-right government is confronted with the problem of avoiding large scale migrant camps in the capital while it must also fulfill its legal and humanitarian obligations. As well, the country will hold general elections next year.
Source: Infomigrants

It’s lead to a blowback:

The Belgian authorities will attempt to dissuade illegal migrants from settling in their country with a social media campaign.
The West European country, divided between the Dutch-speaking Flemish and the French-speaking Walloons, has long struggled with poorly integrated migrant and migrant-descended populations, with the infamous Molenbeek no-go zone one of Europe’s major hubs for radical Islam.

The Immigration Department (DVZ) will run the social media campaign for a minimum of six months, according to POLITICO, and focus on the dangers associated with illegal migration and highlight “myths” spread by the criminal people-smugglers who facilitate it.
Source: Breitbart

Of course, just like the Sanctuary City situation on the other side of the Atlantic, many local ‘do-gooders’ (well-meaning or otherwise) are aggravating the problem.

Refugees are welcomed into a park (up to 500 a night) where they are matched with families willing to offer shelter to those who don’t qualify for asylum.

This was an effort to thwart their version of ICE.

Now, Belgium’s state secretary for asylum policy and migration, Theo Francken, has proposed a law that would allow the police — under a judge’s order — to raid private homes to deport people whose asylum requests have been denied. The proposal has echoes of French efforts to prosecute French citizens for harboring migrants, although Belgian authorities say they are not targeting people offering assistance.

Migrants shelter in a Brussels metro station in September 2017. Volunteers help such migrants find shelter at nights — and avoid police raids. (Dursun Aydemir/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
“It is a matter of public order and security,” Prime Minister Charles Michel told lawmakers recently. “In a lot of cases, persons harbored by citizens do not wish to apply for asylum. In other cases, it is people whose asylum request was rejected.”
Source: WaPo

You think the platform of the Islamist Party in Belgium may have increased the urgency of resolving the issue?

Looks like the free ride is coming to an end.

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