Cartoon Compares Christian Men In The 13th & 21st Century And It’s Funny, Brutal And True

Written by Wes Walker on July 4, 2018

No wonder we’re losing the culture! This is a stunning difference.

Where have the Warriors and Wildmen gone?

Christian men (for the most part) are no longer the providers, protectors, hunters, or heroes. They’ve abdicated their God-given roles to become wussified little sissy-pants.

Now, don’t get all offended — there certainly are exceptions, like our very own Warriors & Wildmen, Doug Giles and Rich Witmer, and of course the amazing men serving in the military, our veterans, those that serve and protect us as law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMT’s, etc.

But let’s face it, Christianity has been effeminized and there are tons of Christian men that have bought into the lie that being a masculine man is some sort of crime. In many churches, the ‘worship’ is all the Jesus-Is-My-Boyfriend crap singing about ‘sloppy wet kisses’ and how beautiful Jesus is instead of how Holy and all-powerful our God is. We talk more about ourselves than our God. Is that how it’s supposed to be?

Doug was inspired to sketch the difference a few hundred years has made in Christian culture.

Check out Doug’s epic sketch:


Now, at my church, we have a great male worship leader who doesn’t look like this, that bro writes awesome Christian anthems that are reminiscent of the best of the best of the classic hymns. But I’ve gotta say, I’ve met a few worship leaders and pastors that could be confused for Ricky Martin or Pharrell Williams.

You don’t want to be that, do you?

Lordy, I hope not!

Don’t worry — if you’re on that path, we’ve got a couple of sure-fire cures for you — Doug’s best-selling book, Pussification: The Effeminization of the American Male, and the Warriors & Wildmen Man Card.

 Effeminization Of The American Male

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