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Clash Poll: Should Mueller Investigate Susan Rice For Her ‘Colluding With Russia’ Decisions?

Lying to America about Benghazi being triggered by a YouTube flick wasn’t even the WORST of her official actions under Obama. Will Mueller look into it?

Depending on who you believe, Mueller is either on an ‘honest investigation‘ to root out Foreign influence in our elections, OR he is on a fishing expedition, looking to discredit Trump and those in his circle of influence.

So far, anyone with the ‘white hat’ theory has some explaining to do. Like why the scrutiny seems centered on Trump, but when concerns which might implicate the OTHER party in something that might fall within the ACTUAL scope of the investigation, they don’t seem to follow up on them.

Without rehashing all the damning connections that make the case against Trump look like an Orchestrated attempt at weaponizing the Government against a political rival, let’s consider the curious case of Susan Rice’s Stand Down Order.

“Why the hell are we standing down?”

That was the question that the White House’s cybersecurity coordinator was asked after Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, issued a stand down order on Russia.

Testimony at the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings on Russian interference in the election once again raised the central paradox of the Russia conspiracy theory. If Russian interference in the election represented the crisis that we are told it did, why did Obama fail to take any meaningful action?

The White House’s own cybersecurity people wanted an aggressive response before being told to stand down. Obama issued a bloodless warning to Russia while his people deliberately crippled our offense.

Democrats and the media blamed the Russian hacking on Trump. But it was Susan Rice who had told the cybersecurity team to “knock it off” and Obama’s people who hadn’t wanted him to be “boxed in” and forced to respond to Russian actions. Was this just the usual appeasement or was there more to it?

Source: Daniel Greenfield

These were the opening lines of a longer piece that built a case for why Obama and Susan Rice not only failed to recognize or address the Russian threat, but goes on to explain why it appears they deliberately leveraged Russian spying as a plausible alibi for their own domestic spying.

He continued:

There was no reason to interfere with the Russian interference. Obama and his people did not believe that the Russians would significantly affect the election. But if his efforts to eavesdrop on Trump officials came to light, the Russians had provided him with an alibi. Susan Rice, as national security adviser, was at the center of the eavesdropping effort and had every reason to protect the Russian operation.

Protecting the Russians also protected the Obamas.

Nor did the Obama deep state have any particular allegiance to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The Obamas and the Clintons loathed each other. Though both factions were leftists, their approaches were as much at variance as Bolsheviks and Trotskyists. Obama had been forced to make a deal with the Clintons to secure his hold on the Democrat operation. But his support for Hillary Clinton was only an endorsement of the lesser evil. Her defeat left him and his political allies in total control of the Democrat operation.


After 9/11, the intelligence community was revived with a new purpose. That purpose was fighting Islamic terrorism. During Obama’s two terms, the intelligence community was compromised, crippled and transformed into a domestic deep state aimed at suppressing the political opposition. Tragically, it came to resemble the KGB, with its domestic surveillance and investigation of political opponents.

Source: Daniel Greenfield

The lengthy, and well-argued piece (that’s worth taking the time to read in its entirety) wraps up with the following idea:

Russian hacking didn’t change the election. But Obama’s exploitation of Russian hacking nearly did. We still don’t know what materials were gathered by the eavesdropping operation. Or who saw them. Information is the ultimate weapon in national security and election campaigns. Obama used the former to tamper with the latter. And all these years later, we still don’t know what damage was done.

While Mueller prowls around pursuing Hillary Clinton’s conspiracy theories, those crimes remain unexplored. But we do know that the Russians didn’t do anything that Obama didn’t allow them to do.

Any serious effort to investigate Russian election hacks must begin with the man who let them to do it.

Source: Daniel Greenfield

Doug Giles

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