CLASH POLL: Should NFL Players Be Suspended & Fined For Kneeling During Anthem?

Written by Wes Walker on July 20, 2018

The Dolphins’ new strong stand against violations of their Anthem policy seems to have triggered a blowback between the League and the Players Association.

Ratings and attendance numbers were in freefall after the kneeling debacle over the last couple of years, and some teams were trying to stop the bleeding by changing their policy.

The Dolphins made the news for taking a strong stand in ‘proper anthem conduct’. Remember, the league left room for teams to determine their own responses to players who kneel.

It seems the NFLPA thought it was TOO strong a stand. The league is rescinding that freedom of teams to make their own responses.

No new rules will be enforced until the Players’ Association and the League work out the details in ‘private talks’.

(This from the same group that didn’t object to restrictions on 9/11 memorials on cleats, or a player being forced to turn his Christian T-shirt inside out in a post-game interview.)

Hours after The Associated Press reported that Miami Dolphins players who protest on the field during the anthem could be suspended for up to four games under a team policy issued this week, the league and the players union issued a joint statement late Thursday night saying the two sides are talking things out.

‘The NFL and NFLPA, through recent discussions, have been working on a resolution to the anthem issue. In order to allow this constructive dialogue to continue, we have come to a standstill agreement on the NFLPA’s grievance and on the NFL’s anthem policy.

‘No new rules relating to the anthem will be issued or enforced for the next several weeks while these confidential discussions are ongoing,’ the statement read.
Source: DailyMail

So much for the Owners — who are the ones who REALLY pay the price on the bottom line — having any say in what happens in the club they spent so much money buying and maintaining in the first place.

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NFL’s TV ratings are plummeting as more players refuse to stand for the national anthem. It’s hard to believe that a nation that has given these players the opportunity to achieve so much is so easily disrespected. Even worse, consider the men and women who have laid down their lives so that these athletes could live in a relatively safe country and enjoy their fame and fortune.