Clash Quiz: A Man Threatened To Kill Rand Paul’s Kids – Was He A Conservative Or Liberal?

Written by Doug Giles on July 3, 2018

Take a good look at his photo and then take a wild guess…

If you guessed that he was an Obama-supporting lefty from Berkeley, California, you are right.

Shocker, right?

It’s been a rough year for Republicans, but especially for Sen. Rand Paul.

Sen. Paul has been facing the leftist outrage constantly — he was shot at while practicing baseball, was beaten up by his neighbor while mowing his lawn, and then this Berkeley bro threatens to kill him and his family with an ax. All three of those angry men were leftists suggesting or perpetrating violence as a means of political disagreement.

I guess Maxine Waters’s message has gotten out there.

Nathanial Blaine Luffman, a resident of Berkely, California — and a former resident of Kentucky — has been arrested and charged with a single count of retaliating against a federal official by way of threats. The penalty carries a maximum of 1o years in prison.

Luffman had previously used the hashtag #ObamaForLife as a suggestion that Barry should have been the ‘Forever President’ instead of the way conservatives would use the hashtag — as a suggestion that Obama should be spending time behind bars for weaponizing government against his political enemies, and basically wiping his feet on our founding documents. The disturbed leftist — Luffman, not Obama — also suggested that an elected Kentucky official (likely Rand Paul) was involved in an assassination attempt on Obama.

Yes, kiddies, that bro needs help.

He’s some piece of work.

The word of the day is: Unhinged.

The threats were not unusual for Luffman.

While Luffman’s alleged victim is not named in court records describing the threats, U.S. Capitol Police describe him as an Oregon elected official with an office at a federal building in Portland. The court records also say the suspect has been associated with “other known threatening communications to members of Congress.”

Police have not responded to requests by media to confirm that the threats were made against Sen. Paul.  On Monday, Sen. Paul sent out a tweet thanking the Capitol Police for ‘their arrest of the man who recently threatened to kill my family and me’. Hours later it was revealed that Luffman had been arrested.

These were graphic, violent threats against Sen. Paul and his family.

Luffman allegedly wrote emails and sent voicemails to the official. His email told the victim he’d “gut you like a hog” and leave “your kids bowels splayed out across floor blood spattered on the door as you lay dead,” police said.

Luffman also allegedly left a voicemail threatening to “hack to pieces” the official and his daughters, used the hashtag #ObamaForLife and claimed that the official was involved in a plot to assassinate ex-President Barack Obama in Kentucky.

Source: Mercury News

This is the era that we live in — members of Congress are threatened with murder for disagreeing with the progressive agenda.

Behold — the moral superiors of the Left.

Maybe they need to listen to more Jordan Peterson rather than ‘Mad’ Maxine Waters — it’ll help them sort themselves out.

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