CNN’s Saint, Stormy Daniels, Arrested For Being … Well … Stormy Daniels

Written by Wes Walker on July 12, 2018

“Meet you at the pole” means something a little different to Stormy, and it just got her arrested.

Not surprisingly, there’s a discrepancy between how her lawyer explains the story and the news outlets do. To hear him tell it, she’s a victim. Again.

And this was just in time, too. CNN was in danger of forgetting all about her.

Her lawyer is calling it a ‘politically motivated sting’. She was arrested at her… *ahem*… ‘workplace’.

Here she is being led away by police:


The lawyer for the porn star who is embroiled in a legal battle with President Trump claims her arrest was a ‘politically motivated sting’.

The 39-year-old was booked on a charge that outlaws touching between patrons and performers at sexually-oriented businesses.

Daniels was released on bail early Thursday morning, and is due back in court Friday morning for an arraignment.

There’s still some confusion about what exactly happened inside the Sirens Gentleman’s Club in Columbus, Ohio last night.

Cops say Daniels grabbed an undercover officer’s backside while performing in the club, but her lawyer says that she was arrested for allowing a customer to touch her ‘in a non sexual manner!’
Source: DailyMail

So, is a cop filing a false report about her grabbing his ass then? That’s a pretty serious allegation. The kind that could ruin a career. You know, #MeToo   It wouldn’t be the first one of those she’s made, though, would it?

The law is that strippers in Ohio must not have contact with patrons. Or are people in ‘The Resistance’ special, and don’t have to follow laws?

And if ‘Stormy’ (real name Stephanie  Clifford) DOES NOT normally touch people — if this is just a ‘sting’ as her creepy lawyer claims — how is it that a female reporter could write a piece describing how the stripper’s breasts felt?

The whole thing is a set-up.

She’s the victim, again!

Call us skeptical, here at Clash.

But that’s just what we think. What do YOU think?

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