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Dear America: Trump’s Making Civics Education Great Again – Here’s 6 Reasons Why

Could it be that Trump’s even better at teaching the ‘low-information’ voters about Civics than those old Schoolhouse Rock videos?

Michael Knowles makes the case for why Trump is doing a better job of teaching civics than those indoctrination camps we call public schools have been.

You can skip ahead to about the 3:40 mark to see where he starts talking about civics.

Trump, by reason of being a pop culture phenom long before he ever threw his hat in the ring, can’t help but blend news and entertainment.

Call it ‘info-tainment’, if you like. Everyone else does.

Becuase Trump has become the political lightning rod that everyone has an opinion about — good or bad — the things he does can’t help but get people talking. And he milks it, adding drama, like he did by saing he will announce his SCOTUS pick — leaking out a short list of names — and would have an answer on Monday the 9th.

You can almost hear the old-school TV announcer’s voice saying “Tune in NEXT week for the dramatic conclusion…”

The SCOTUS pick was just the most recent example. We can laugh at the ‘Resist’ crowd standing by in a sad, little, staged rally in front of the Supreme Court with printed signs protesting EACH of the SCOTUS finalists all we want. (As we should.)

Notice these are obviously different batches of signs. So it wasn’t just one group that did this. But back to the main point.

For all the fuss everyone is making, when was the last time anyone was seriously discussing potential Scotus candidates like this before Trump? We’d just wait for the name, and hope it was someone who knew their ass from Page 6, right?

This process has been refreshingly transparent. People knew the names and had opinions about who the better candidates were. (There’s that word again. “Transparent.” The one Obama so inaccurately described his own administration with.)

What about DACA? He didn’t make an executive order, he called on Congress to put legislation on his desk.

What about that ginned-up open-border baby crisis. The problem isn’t with the enforcement of the law, it’s with the law itself. Becuase an oath was sworn to uphold the law. It’s on CONGRESS to fix it, or on the Judiciary to broaden the acceptable interpretation of extant rulings.

Trump’s executive order said as much.

Can you even REMEMBER the last time the public was discussing the scope of Article I, II, or III enumerated powers?

Obama had a habit of picking up his pen and phone and ramming something through — even if it meant pretending something WAS a tax when talking about it to SCOTUS, but telling us it was NOT a tax when he was talking to the rest of us (Obamacare).

But the s0-called ‘authoritarian’ and/or ‘fascist’ Trump is being criticized for NOT acting like a tyrant, and taking on powers for himself. He’s also criticized as BEING a tyrant for USING Executive powers that are explicitly his own — for example, firing an employee ‘with cause’, when it explicitly states that said employee serves ‘at the pleasure of the President’.

(Pro-tip to the haters: neither of those things qualify as either autocratic or despotic.)

We’ve seen the Courts uphold the President’s Travel Ban order… because he was acting within the scope of his enumerated powers.

(See a pattern forming here?)

What about FISA courts? And Fourth Amendment rights? And pardon powers? And presumptions of innocence?

And even Hillary-supporting Allan Dershowitz is getting death threats because he wrote ‘the case against impeaching Trump’

As good as Schoolhouse Rock was with the classic, “I’m just a bill”…

The fact that Trump has blended politics and entertainment has one good thing going for it. People who had completely tuned out are paying attention. And some of them are doing so for the first time in their lives.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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