No, Promoting Open Borders Isn’t an Act of Compassion

Written by Allan Erickson on July 2, 2018

Throughout, please keep in mind, professionals in this administration, including law enforcement personnel, are merely enforcing immigration laws passed by Congress, laws on the books for decades. Blaming these people and condemning them is simply idiotic, as is the suggestion open borders is a solution.

Another irrefutable truth: immigration laws were enforced by Obama and Bush in the same ways in years gone by. In fact, at this same stage in their terms, Obama deported twice as many people as Trump. If dissuading families from trying to immigrate illegally is better for them, and certainly better for the children, how can one call Obama’s promotion of open borders and lax enforcement “compassionate”, and how can one call Trump’s efforts Draconian?

Keep in mind Obama virtually invited 800,000 kids and young people to come here illegally, sending them to blend with the general population with no support, and no accountability. In so doing he encouraged more young people to come illegally, huge numbers of children, subjecting them to abuse and exploitation en route.

Still, protesters ignore Obama, condemn Trump, and call for open borders.

They say opening the borders is an act of love because human rights have no borders. That is a lie. Without borders and boundaries, there is no freedom. How can the destruction of freedom be an act of love? How can it be an act of love to promote criminal behavior? How is it being compassionate to children to allow them to be exploited by coyotes and the cartels?

America is the very heart of compassion, the only country taking care of these kids and setting them free! Yet the Left attacks America, calling that an act of love! Have they gone insane?

Celebrities parade around calling for open borders without stopping one moment to think about the consequences.

The Europeans threw their borders open for four years, and they have massive problems. Now they are working together to close their borders and deport people. They also work to establish centers for refugees closer to their homes so they don’t take dangerous journeys ending only in death and injury. If you want to talk about real compassion, offer rational solutions like these.

It is irrational to bring in millions of people who do not know the language, nor do they have job skills. What will you do with them? How will you help them? What if most of them have no interest in assimilation? Now you’ve created an enormous dependency class which will grow exponentially, bankrupting the country, depriving citizens of benefits they’ve earned.

The entire notion of open borders in thoroughly unfair to everyone involved.

It invites disaster, as we’ve seen in Europe. Crime, trafficking and terrorism all flourish in the chaos created by open borders. With no plan to be of real help to refugees, we only make their lives worse.

The only people benefiting from such an unwise position are those banking on immigrants becoming Democrat voters. They would exploit immigrants and damage citizens to concentrate power, a power to be used to destroy our Republic.

So, if you want to hurt migrants further, allow for the exploitation of children, cause chaos within your own country leading to cultural suicide, and help in the ultimate destruction of liberty, by all means, join the howling mob in promoting open borders! But when it all comes tumbling down, do not dare say no one ever warned you!

Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.