Roseanne Says Valerie Jarret Needs A New Hair Cut – Do You Agree?

Written by Wes Walker on July 27, 2018

Think you know all there is to that so-called ‘racist tweet’, or the other Rosanne-related outrage? Think again.

Even Hannity was surprised with some of what he learned in this interview.

Does the picture the Left has to paint about Roseanne line up with the woman who lets her guard down and isn’t afraid to talk about some of even her most personal and embarrassing ‘secrets’.

Or is she that rarest of all Hollywood creatures — a straight shooter who thinks for herself, whether others agree with her or not?

Some highlights from the interview — did you know that she grew up in an apartment building owned by her family that was filled with Holocaust survivors?

Or about her involvement with inner-city charity?

Or that she used to be a socialist, (but after doing some reading and thinking for herself (!) ) figured out that her real political values are much closer to the political center.

The interview covered a lot of ground. Including, naturally, the tweet that deep-sixed her show.

After discussing how the now-infamous Jarret tweet was viewed as ‘racist’, but was actually political, she mentioned her hair. And as if to prove she’s an equal-opportunity offender, she started in on Hannity,  teasing him about his hair, too. Was Roseanne right about the haircut?

The Left loves to wrap themselves in causes that ‘defend’ women.

Their definition of who qualifies as a woman who gets to be defended is pretty sketchy.

Whenever a woman wanders out of the boundaries of Leftist orthodoxy, they get thrown under the bus. Especially if it’s an influential or popular woman who threatens their narrative.

They did it to Roseanne, just like they did to so many others… including Melania and Ivanka Trump.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

Raising Righteous & Rowdy Girls

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