The Planet Puts On Anti-Trump Protest At NATO – And Barely Anyone Came

Written by Wes Walker on July 12, 2018

Seems like the Media(D) were more excited about this ‘international protest’ than the actual protesters were.

How can we tell?

Because the media actually showed up.

One of the organizing groups posted this in the lead-up to the event:

Trump will visit our country on 11 and 12 July for a NATO summit. On the agenda: more defence expenditure by all NATO countries, including Belgium. The Trump Not Welcome Platform calls on everyone to reclaim the streets on Saturday 7 July. We refuse to participate in this arms race at the expense of poverty reduction, social protection, the fight against climate change, humane refugee policies, and a diverse society based on solidarity. Will you join us?

Come to Brussels on Saturday 7 July, and say ‘No’ together with us to Trump, his politics, and that of his European counterparts. Let us jointly give a message:

And so on — blah, blah, blah.

We won’t dignify them by including the link, but if you google the quote, you can find the original.

So… how did it go?

According to one site, it was a bust:

Euro News’ Damon Embling reported that organizers were expecting a few thousand people to attend the protest, but just a few dozen turned out.

The protesters were rallying around the slogan “Make Peace Great Again,” a play on Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Embling asked one of the organizers why only a couple dozen demonstrators showed up at the protest.

“I think it’s, what went wrong is not the good question to ask,” the clearly frustrated organizer said.

The organizer blamed Brussels being on lockdown for the low turnout before Embling ended the interview.
Soure: NTK

A few dozen protesters? Is that all?

You’d see a bigger turnout at a “Stormy Daniels” show (and that’s just counting the media).

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