Watch: Leftists Toss A Flash-Bang Grenade Into Pro-Trump Rally – All Hell Breaks Loose

Written by Doug Giles on July 2, 2018

Arrests were made and a cop got hurt.

It started with a free speech march that was duly registered by the Patriot Prayer peeps. That wasn’t the problem. The problem began when their group encountered Antifa. Again.

You may remember Patriot Prayer from when they were targeted by Antifa a year ago for daring to pray.

The dopes from Antifa tried to call them out as white supremacists, even though the group’s leader was biracial (Japanese and Irish) and his internet-famous bodyguard was a Samoan named Tusitala “Tiny” Toese.

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When the two groups clashed this time, the Patriots stood their ground. And when someone in a black mask came out swinging their baton or was challenged by the other group, again and again, they got knocked flat.

The event became classified as a ‘riot’, and the permits were revoked.

Which, we can only assume, was Antifa’s plan all along.

As for Antifa’s origins? They brag about how they ‘bash the fash’, right?

Here’s a little clue about who we’re dealing with and why they’re so prone to violence.

But that’s just coincidence, right?

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