Watch: Man Filmed Beating His Dog Gets Punished By Police – Was It Enough?

Written by Wes Walker on July 9, 2018

Did the punishment match the crime? Too high? Too low?

Some of you may have seen the video that went viral when Mr. Congeniality here pounded the crap out of his dog.

The video went viral and the police got involved. As well they should have.

No dog deserves to be on the receiving end of some ‘tough guy’s tantrum.

Gold Coast man Brett Simpson has been fined $1000 but escaped a conviction after pleading guilty to punching and kicking his dog in January.

Footage of the incident, which went viral after it was recorded at Palm Beach, was screened in Southport Magistrates Court on Monday.

It shows the 32-year-old kicking and yanking the lead of his Staffordshire bull terrier named Rocky, which sent the two-and-a-half year old dog airborne for one metre.

Mr Simpson also admitted punching the dog in the face, which occurred before the video started.
Mr Simpson was also slapped with nearly $1200 in associated costs and prohibited from owning an animal for three years.

The metal roofer from Reedy Creek had voluntarily attended anger management sessions and donated $500 to the RSPCA.
Source: Yahoo

Do you think he got off too light?

Here’s why the judge said it wasn’t as harsh as it might have been:

Magistrate Louise Shepherd noted Mr Simpson’s remorse and said the “public shaming … and victimisation” he’d experienced was another mitigating factor in her sentencing decision.
Source: Yahoo

The video made him ‘internet famous’ and he got backlash serious enough that he needed to change both the kind of vehicle he drives and the license plate.

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