Watch: Ranchers On The Border Discuss The Wall And You’ll Never See This On CNN

Written by Doug Giles on July 4, 2018

This is going to make the open-border activists lose their minds.

What’s left of it, that is.

Open border activists continue to frame the issue as a matter of being compassionate to those that want to come to America for the ‘American Dream’.

Maybe that was the situation 30 years ago.

It’s not like that now.

For years conservatives have been saying that the border needs to be secured. It’s not a lack of compassion for those that want to have a better life, it’s because there are nefarious individuals preying on the innocent trying to come to America.

There is quite a lot of violence and criminal activity that comes part and parcel with the constant illegal border crossing.

Watch some Ranchers at the border tell their tales:

Ranchers: Violence on the land (From the USA TODAY Network)

Ranchers on the border live and work where two countries intersect. They’ve had a firsthand look at how things have changed, often for the worse and with increasing violence.

Posted by The Wall on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

This is precisely why we need that big, beautiful wall.

That piddly fence hasn’t worked. The people that are making money by smuggling people across the border have found their way around the fence.

They have the incentive to find a way around it — profit.

The drug smugglers have become human smugglers and are doing horrible things to the people that are relying on them for safe passage across the border.

Women and children are raped.

People are murdered.

And it’s happening on the land of innocent ranchers that live close to the southern border. They’ve had property stolen by the ‘innocent migrants’.

Where is the compassion on the Left?

Is it with the ranchers? Or is it with the illegal border-crossers? Or is it ultimately with the smugglers and the cartels because they don’t want to enforce border law?

The left is now framing this as a racial issue — as though the only reason to want to enforce immigration law is due to racism. It can’t be because conservatives want to actually enforce the law because it’s the law.

The issue of border control and enforcing immigration law resonates with many Americans, despite what the Democrats say.

How will their new tactic to demand the dismantling of ICE work out for them in November?

I’m not getting tired of winning yet, but if the Dems keep pushing this kind of nonsense — let’s see how I feel after the mid-terms and one more promise by President Donald J. Trump is kept…

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