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WATCH: Whiney Snowflake, George Lopez, ‘Pees’ On Trump’s Hollywood Star

He must be worried we’ve all forgotten his name again because Lopez is doing cheap political stunts for the camera.

Does he realize it makes him look small and pathetic?

Even the stunt itself is lame and staged, like DeNiro’s F— Trump moment was.

He is one of a long list of people who look for every opportunity to degrade and denounce Trump for a long list of sins, whether real or imagined.

Is it the historic low levels of Hispanic unemployment that have George so worked up? The fact that he’s been returning Constitutional powers to the actual bodies that Articles One, Two and Three have assigned them to?


Trump unwound Obama’s legacy and thwarted Hillary’s ‘coronation’.

And for that, all of Hollywood hates him, with a white-hot, irrational hatred.

And Lopez made sure the cameras were rolling when he announced his ‘outrage’ to the world with an act as artificial as his outrage. He pretended to pee on Trump’s Hollywood star.

Notice his juvenile grade-school giggling as he preens for the camera. He’s so very proud of his witty prank.

He didn’t really pee, true. He poured water(?) out of a bottle. We’re not really sure if that makes it better or worse. Certainly, it makes it more ‘lame’.

Does he actually think that TRUMP is the one being degraded by this stupid display?

He’s wrong. It’s the guy looking back when he shaves in the mirror.

Lopez has just put himself in the same category as that chick who pulled out her menstrual cup onto that same star.


Nothing quite says ‘has-been’ like fake public urination.

Your “fifteen minutes” is up, George. As it should have been a long time ago.

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