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Yo, CNN: Homeless Bro Hands Out Resume, Gets 200+ Job Offers – Can You Say, ‘Trump Effect?’

This guy is gonna go far. In a world where so many others want someone to give them a buck or two, he has a very different goal in mind.

David Casarez wants to be noticed by someone who’s hiring.

In a world with so many people willing to ‘game the system’, this young man doesn’t want a freebie. He wants to trade honest work for honest pay.

Those lowest-ever unemployment numbers truly came at an opportune time.

This tweet that went viral helped him get noticed:

According to David’s resume, he graduated from Texas A&M University in 2014 with a degree in Management Information Systems. He then held various positions with General Motors starting right after college to September of 2017.


“He came to Silicon Valley with a dream to be successful in tech and has a lot to offer the community. He’s sleeping in parks and still trying to get freelance work, interviews, and applications in,” Jasmine said.

The community was quick to show support in helping David get hired.

People on social media even started his very own hashtag — #GetDavidAJob.

From fellow Aggies to people who could just relate to struggling in the Bay Area, the photo of David spread like wildfire.

Source: Kron4

And once he was NOTICED… he got some interest.

Let this be a lesson to everyone.

It reminds us that behind everyone who finds themselves homeless, there’s a real person and a story, and it’ s not always the kind of story you might think it is.

Show the world you’re looking for a handout, and the world will treat you as a beggar.

Show the world you’re looking for an opportunity, and the world will treat you as an equal.

The other thing worth pointing out — to some of the other people who can’t find work — is that David had 200+ job offers.

Not only did he get ONE job offer. He got 200+ job offers.

Which means many more jobs are out there, for anyone still willing to go get them.

David wasn’t willing to trade away tomorrow for what he thought he needed today.

If you find yourself in a hard place, remember David’s example.

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