3D Printing: What Gun Grabbers Got Wrong About Both Guns And Freedom … Again

Written by Rob Morse on August 3, 2018

A young man posted the plans for a gun online. The patent office is full of such plans, and you can download those drawings for free as well. Several Socialist politicians then lost their minds in outrage. The control of homemade guns isn’t about gun control: it is about controlling you. Note that the Democrat- controlled blue states were the first to restrict free speech when they don’t like what we’re saying or reading; in this case, the plans for homemade guns. Let’s see these regulations in context.

Criminals get guns today and they will get their guns tomorrow. Criminals are able to get guns despite our gun laws because criminals are willing to break our laws. They ignore all twenty-three thousand of our firearms regulations, including the next gun law that is passed. The vast majority of criminals get their guns through the black market. They don’t bother with background checks or gun registration or waiting periods. Those regulations only infringe on the rights of honest citizens like you and me. Socialist politicians like it that way.

Only of one out of 50 criminals purchased their guns through legal means. Some of these criminals who got a gun over the counter didn’t have a disqualifying record when they bought their firearm. Since background checks look backward, it is impossible for gun laws to stop those criminals-to-be from buying a gun.

A very small fraction of criminals used a straw buyer, usually a girlfriend, to buy their guns for them. Those pass-through buyers are seldom prosecuted in our big blue cities.

Getting an illegal gun is easy. The price of an illegal gun on the street is lower than the price of a legal gun over the counter. Most murders are committed by drug gangs. These gangs move billions of dollars of drugs a year. They move millions of illegal aliens across our borders and around our country. A few pounds of steel disappears in that river of contraband. Drug dealers are often paid for their drugs with the guns that addicts steal from civilians and the police.

Gun prohibition has never worked. The only place gun control sounds plausible is on the news where they don’t ask follow-up questions.

Building your own gun at home is more expensive than buying a legal gun over the counter. The issue with home-built guns isn’t that criminals will have guns, but that gun control will finally be shown as the failure it is.

The controversy isn’t that 3D printed guns will enable criminals, but that homemade guns will disable gun control.

Progressive Democrats say they support free speech. In practice, they suppress the speech with which they disagree. The attorneys general from Washington, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Maryland, New York and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit saying the plans for a plastic gun were illegal. They had to do so.

Progressive politicians need to blame the gun for the violence in their failed cities.
God help them if they run out of excuses.

Since the code for 3D printing has been posted on the net, the instructions are already available from multiple sources.

There are easier ways to build a gun than to print one. You can build a primitive gun from parts in the hardware store. The only “machining” is to drill a hole in a wooden dowel and add some glue.

That primitive firearm is a single-shot shotgun. In fact, you can build a modern semi-automatic rifle without using expensive CNC machining centers. Plans for a bolt together receiver have been available for years. The rest of the pieces to complete an AR-15 are available for purchase over the counter.

These recent lawsuits over printed plastic guns are the last gasp to preserve the illusion of gun control. That legal gambit could work for years given our corrupt judges. Yes, socialist politicians are that desperate.

Gun control isn’t about guns. It is about controlling you.

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Image: Excerpted from: Kamenev – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26262039