Antifa Clown Calls DC Cops ‘Fascist Pieces Of Sh*t’ – Lets Spread His Picture Over The Internet

Written by Wes Walker on August 13, 2018

What happens when a group of rioters claims that certain people are lawful targets of violence? Their list of targets will grow.

The brick-chucking, bike-lock-swinging Militant Left is getting bolder.

And the cops are now numbered among their ‘enemies’.

It doesn’t matter what nationality these police officers are. They are ALL ‘evil’. A few journalists took a beating, too. But don’t expect Jimmy Acosta to speak up for them.

Smashing strangers in blind rage is obviously the way to save our threatened society.

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Wait for it…wait for it…

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The formula is not a new one. Claim that ‘the enemy’ is a large and dangerous threat to all that is good and just.

Make it an ‘existential threat’ that requires people ‘urgently’ take ‘drastic’ action against it. Make sure that the ‘other side’ isn’t just WRONG, but that they are ‘MONSTERS’, too.

Because anyone who hurts people who just have bad ideas makes the aggressor the monster. Make them demons walking in our midst, however, and people don’t mind so much.

Problem is, ideas have consequences. And that list of ‘acceptable’ targets is only going to get longer.

We’ve watched it grow.

On Inauguration Day, it was Richard Spenser who got punched out.

Then they targeted Right-of-Center Speakers on Campus like Ann Coulter or Milo.

Open season on anyone in a MAGA hat was next.

Then COPS — who have stood in the way of their group smashing the teeth of various other groups — are ‘the problem’.

“Fascists”. For not letting them hide behind masks and attack strangers.

And THEIR side DARES to invoke the riots of Germany’s ‘Kristallnacht‘? Antifa is working from the same freaking playbook as Germany’s ‘Brownshirts’.

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