Canada’s Prancing Snowflake, Justin Trudeau, Entertains A TOTAL Gun Ban

Written by Wes Walker on August 29, 2018

Here’s a hard slap of reality for anyone taking their right to self-defense for granted.

Every so often we share a story about someone using the gun for its proper purpose. Ventilating bad guys, and protecting your self and your loved ones from someone with evil intent.

We’ve seen shopkeepers, grandmothers, teenage kids and even a pastor using lethal force to protect their one-and-only life when waiting for the police to arrive — or even calling for their help — just isn’t an option.

It’s also the only real option in the aftermath of a disaster when because they are stretched too thin, out of communication, or can’t get to you, calling authorities just isn’t an option.
In situations like that, the security of a reliable firearm is a welcome help in keeping looters or other dangerous people at bay.

The right to use force to defend your life is almost taken for granted in America.

If you look at what’s happening on our Northern border, it might make you think twice about taking it for granted.

For that matter, it might shape your feelings about voting in the midterms.

Canadians inexplicably elected their village idiot to be their Head of State, and their Prime Minister — besides watching stupidly on the sidelines while USA and Mexico work out their changes to NAFTA — is looking at yet another way to be like his hero Fidel Castro.

Maybe you remember his great love and admiration for Fidel Castro, who was a pallbearer at his father’s funeral. (The elder Trudeau was also a Canadian Prime Minister.) Justin embarrassed himself internationally with his #TrumpEulogy in praise of Castro.

Should it really surprise us that he’s got something else in common with the dictator?

Castro liked ‘gun control’ just like Justin does.

In response to the gunman who shot up Toronto (with a gun he was reported to have acquired illegally), Canada’s White Obama put on his clown nose and got straight to work. He has answered the generic call to ‘do something’.

Trudeau ordered Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Minister Bill Blair to conduct the study with Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale in a mandate letter, as reported by CBC News.

“You should lead an examination of a full ban on handguns and assault weapons in Canada, while not impeding the lawful use of firearms by Canadians,” the letter stated.
Source: The Hill

So, because he’s going to cast the widest possible net, when all is said and done, you can probably expect this to cover everything but the occasional shotgun and a bolt- or lever-action rifle.

“Completely ban most guns. But don’t impede lawful use.” That’s what he said. Of course he did. It’s a typical knee-jerk Big-Government reaction:
Make the STATE bigger and stronger, and the INDIVIDUAL smaller and weaker.

Canada does not have concealed carry laws.

Canda does not have any real right to self-defense. Here’s proof:

Canadian Man Takes Gun from Home Invaders – Charged with Attempted Murder and Nine Other Crimes

And backed by activists like David Hogg, people who think Trudeau has the right idea will try to take back the House and Senate.

Be sure to vote in the midterms. And bring some friends to the polls with you.

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