CLASH POLL: US Open Official Offended Because Female Star Takes Shirt Off – Is He A Tinkerpot?

Written by K. Walker on August 29, 2018

After taking a break in the 90-degree heat, one female player removed her shirt on the court and was slapped with a violation. Is that nuts or what?

Male tennis players are permitted to change attire while on the court according to the WTA rulebook.

French tennis player, Alize Cornet had taken her shirt off due to the sweltering heat during a break. When she came back to the court, she realized that she had put her shirt on backward. She quickly turned her back to the camera and corrected it on the court. The change took only seconds, and Cornet’s black sports bra was visible. Chair umpire, Christian Rask, issued a code violation to Cornet for removing her shirt on the court.

Twitter went nuts with cries of sexism.

US Open officials have been slammed as sexist after a chair umpire hit French tennis player Alize Cornet with a code violation because she took her shirt off briefly during a heat break.

Cornet was captured on video at the tournament Tuesday in New York as she walked back to the court for her match against Swedish player Johanna Larsson. Cornet realized she accidentally put her sports top on backwards.

She quickly pulled her shirt up then turned away from cameras to place her top on the correct way.

During the roughly 10-second clothing change, she exposed her black sports bra.

Chair umpire, Christian Rask, punished Cornet with a bizarre code violation after the incident which he deemed inappropriate.

Source: Daily Mail

The commentator can be heard explaining that perhaps Cornet didn’t notice that her shirt was on backward due to ‘mental fatigue.’


Here are some of the Twitter responses to the incident:

Wow. Double standard, much?

What do you think of this violation given to Cornet? Let us know in the comments.

But here’s a bigger question:


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