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Clash Poll: Was Trump Right To Remove Brennan’s Security Clearance?

Some observers have said it was the right thing to do. Others have cried ‘foul’. Who is right?

Either Trump is ‘punishing political enemies for exercising free speech’ or he is making a wise decision about who ought to retain high-level security clearances.

Is this doing the ‘responsible thing’ when anti-Trumpers are already facing consequences for leaks? Or is he settling scores? Who’s right?

The predictable complaints about Trump-the-dictatorial-tyrant are almost cliche at this point. You can almost ‘sing along with the pundits’, even if you had no idea what the details of any given issue, like some twisted inside-the-beltway version of political karaoke.

The long-serving NeverTrumpers were a little more nuanced, but even if they said that ‘some’ of these are justified, others are ‘definitely motivated by politics’.

Here’s the other side, which requires a little more sophistication to articulate than, say, “he’s a Nazi!”.

President Trump was right to revoke the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan on Wednesday. Brennan, who now works as a national security analyst for MSNBC and NBC News and frequently appears on TV, has no business browsing through our country’s most important and sensitive national security secrets.

Clearance to classified information is granted based on a “need to know.” Brennan has none, so there was no reason to allow him continued access. He does have a long pattern of misuse of his authority and lying about it.

It has been customary to allow former senior officials to keep their clearances so current officials can consult with them. No one in the Trump administration is or should be consulting with someone as partisan as Brennan, so pulling his clearance was right and proper.

Some are claiming this is political retribution, but the overtly political nature of Brennan’s attempts to undermine the Trump administration are a real problem. And even if he had a reason to keep his clearance, his actions and statements are grounds to cut him off.

Extending Brennan’s clearance was a privilege no longer justified by any value he provides to the government. His unhinged rants against President Trump would land any serving clearance holder with a suspension and possibly even a referral for psychiatric evaluation.
Source: FoxNews

What do YOU think about the revocation of those security clearances?

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