Dear CNN: An Obama ‘Dreamer’ Rapes His Supposed ‘Daughter’ He Brought To The U.S. – Is That ‘News?’

Written by Wes Walker on August 8, 2018

That supposedly ‘compassionate’ reunification policy has some pretty stark ‘unintended consequences’.

Criminals are notoriously adaptable. They will modify their tactics to game the system.

And if that means exploiting the ‘compassionate left’ they’re happy to do that too.

Remember the uproar about the kids in cages controversy?

What if the people we’re reuniting with are soul-devouring monsters? Because, at least as far as the kids they abuse are concerned, that’s exactly what some of them are.

The ACLU was one of the groups outraged that the US government was unnecessarily ‘stalling’ the reunification process by using DNA to prove that the people CLAIMING to be the legal parents actually ARE. Here’s what border officials had to say about that:

“We also separate a parent and child if the adult is suspected of human trafficking.  There have been cases where minors have been used and trafficked by unrelated adults in an effort to avoid detention,” she continued. “And I’d stop here to say, in the last five months, we have a 314 percent increase in adults and children arriving at the border, fraudulently claiming to be a family unit.  This is, obviously, of concern.”

Current immigration law, which Congress refuses to change, requires federal officials to release “family units” into the United States. If ICE had the ability to detain Pedro separately from the child for a period of time, rather than release him with the child into the country, these horrific crimes would have been prevented.

Source: TownHall

That’s gaming the system. And the very tool we have that COULD have saved a young girl from the clutches of a predator went unused. The kind of predator that deserves a consequence far stiffer than mere jail time.

In the case we’re about to describe, had a DNA test been administered, it would have been discovered that he was not her daughter, and she would have been spared living with a rapist.

Ideas have consequences… even the supposedly ‘compassionate ones’.

Here is the timeline:

An illegal alien from Guatemala who claimed he was traveling to the U.S. with his “daughter” in April has been arrested just months later for multiple felonies, including repeated rape and other sexual abuse of the young child.

“On April 16, 2018 Ramon Pedro entered the United States through the Ysleta Port of Entry in Texas where he was accompanied by his alleged daughter. On the same date, U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrested him and his alleged daughter. They were subsequently released on alternatives to detention,” a Department of Homeland Security official said in a statement.

Source: TownHall

In July they were both hospitalized for TB screening.

In the hospital, staff learned about the sexual abuse of the supposed daughter.

In fact, the victim’s mother told her daughter to accompany Pedro to the United States and he would secure her employment,” the official continued. “On July 27, 2018, the Huron Police Department arrested him for multiple felony offenses for rape, oral copulation, forcible sexual penetration, and endangering/causing injury to a child. 

Source: TownHall

Does anyone ELSE remember the hue and cry from the ACLU who dismissed these DNA tests as unnecessary, and actually sued to make the government act before those DNA matches were confirmed?

“The government must reunite them,” the judge said. “It must comply with the time frame unless there is an articulable reason.”

The administration has matched 86 parents to 83 children and 16 are not yet matched, Fabian said.

Source: CBC

Don’t these people even CARE that so many people who undertake this trip are victimized? Do they care that sex traffickers will pose as helpful coyotes bringing the children of desperate parents into the Promised Land (America) but using them for their own sordid purposes?

According to a stunning Fusion investigation, 80 percent of women and girls crossing into the U.S. by way of Mexico are raped during their journey. That’s up from a previous estimate of 60 percent, according to an Amnesty International report. Source — Huffpo

Do we care about all those abused girls?

A porous border only creates MORE opportunities for these sex traffickers to exploit desperate or gullible parents. And get their disgusting meathooks into children. Like this one.

And now… they’re pretending to be parents — so that they can slip through the border more easily.

Thank-you Liberal outrage. This is your baby. Your unfettered outrage has consequences.

Remember that appeal Obama made after Sandy Hook?

“If we save even one life from gun violence, it’s worth it.”

Is protecting children from a sexual predator at least CLOSE to being as important as protecting them from guns?