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Dear CNN: This Previously Deported ‘Dreamer’ Brutally Slaughtered A MN Woman – Is That ‘News?’

Here’s another story that you won’t see on CNN. It doesn’t fit the sweet, innocent border-crosser just looking for a better life.

Enedelia Perez Garcia, 27, was stabbed to death on August 12  in Shakopee, Minnesota. An illegal immigrant, Fraider Diaz-Carbajal, 35, has been charged with second-degree murder (not premeditated) in relation to her death.

And guess what?

He had a lengthy criminal record.

Diaz-Carbajal’s criminal history includes numerous misdemeanor convictions, including three DUIs and one felony domestic assault conviction. On Dec. 17, 2012, a federal immigration judge ordered Diaz-Carbajal deported to Mexico, and ICE officers removed him two days later, according to Neudauer. Since then he illegally re-entered the United States, which is a felony punishable by up to 20 years in federal prison.

(Emphasis added)

Diaz-Carbajal’s roommate said that Garcia and Diaz-Carbajal had been dating for 3 years and had broken up about a month ago.
Alright… quick math here… 2018 minus 3 is 2015 which is after he was deported in 2012.
The roommate was in the home at the time of the murder. She had taken her two children, aged 7-months, and 2-years for a bath when she heard quarreling in Diaz-Carbajal’s bedroom. She heard Garcia screaming and yelling, ‘Drop the knife!‘ The roommate left her kids in the bathroom and went into the bedroom where she saw that Diaz-Carbajal had Garcia pinned up against the wall and was stabbing her over her ‘whole body.’ She grabbed her kids and ran to a neighbor’s house.
Shakopee Police Sgt. John Buetow said that Diaz-Carbajal and Garcia had lived in the townhome together at one point, but they were going through a breakup. He also said that Diaz-Carbajal hasn’t been handling the break-up well.
Apparently not.
After Diaz-Carbajal stabbed Garcia, he attempted to slit his own throat and stabbed himself.
Officers arrived to find an incredibly bloody scene.

At about 4:02 p.m. on Aug. 12, Shakopee police were dispatched to a fight call involving a knife at Diaz-Carbajal’s townhome, 1279 Taylor St., No. 6., and while on the way to the Taylor Ridge Towhomes, they were told a male had a knife and a female was possibly dead.

According to the charging documents, officers found a bloody scene in the upstairs bedroom: Diaz-Carbajal was lying with his head resting on the stomach and chest of Garcia, who was sitting on the floor with her back against the wall and did not appear to be breathing. Diaz-Carbajal’s throat was cut with a 6 to 8-inch-long laceration and there were several stab wounds in his abdomen. He was “taking occasional breaths and moving” and a large, bloody knife was at his left side.

Garcia had a large amount of blood around her neck and head area, “multiple stab wounds all over her body,” had no pulse and was not breathing.


This guy shouldn’t have been in the country, and if he had been caught, he would have faced 20 years in prison for illegally re-entering the United States.

His bond has been set at $1.5 million with conditions, or $5 unconditional.

After his arrest, ICE placed an immigration detainer on Diaz-Carbajal with the Scott County Jail for suspected immigration violations. The detainer would allow ICE to seize custody of Diaz-Carbajal if he were to be released by local authorities for any reason — including posting bond.

He faces a maximum penalty of up to 40 years in prison on the murder charge. If convicted, he would serve his time and then be subject to deportation.

The immigration detainer allows ICE to take custody of illegal immigrants if they’re released from local custody for any reason (such as posting bond).

Garcia and Diaz-Carbajal have no children together, but Garcia did have a 7-year old daughter from a previous relationship. account has been set up to help defray the cost of burying Garcia in Mexico.

“Her family is in desperate need so please help us support her mother and (her daughter) by keeping them on our prayers and if possible, financially with any amount,” the page says. “Enedeliz was a ball of laugh who cheered up everyone around her. She was very vibrant part of her circle and the community. She will be deeply missed!”

Source: Shakopee Valley News

If everyone was concerned about enforcing our border laws properly, horrible tragedies like this could be stopped.

And yes, I know. Americans commit horrific acts of violence, too. But this particular act of violence, as well as the deaths of Kate Steinle and Mollie Tibbetts could also have been avoided completely by enforcing immigration law.

What’s so difficult to understand about that, Leftists?

K. Walker

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