In Important Arizona Congressional Race, Martha McSally Spreads Lies About Dr. Kelli Ward

Written by Lloyd Marcus on August 21, 2018

Our Conservative Campaign Committee has been all over Arizona campaigning for Dr. Kelli Ward in the US Senate GOP primary. Along with various other initiatives, we’ve stood on high-trafficked street corners waving signs for Dr. Ward. Enthusiastic Dr. Ward supporters have joined us to sign-wave in Bullhead City, Kingman, Lake Havasu, Chandler and Tucson. Sign-waves are extremely important because turn-out for primaries are typically low. Early voting has begun. The primary is August 28th.

Our next sign-wave for Dr. Ward was in Scottsdale; Thursday, August 16, 10Am -10:30AM MST; N Scottsdale Rd and E Shea Blvd.

Folks, I have tried not to be too hard on Dr. Ward’s opponent, Martha McSally. But when I saw this ad on TV in my hotel room filled with lies about Dr. Ward, I simply could not allow that to stand. I went in back of the hotel and shot a video telling the truth about Dr Kelli Ward, the true rock-solid conservative in this race.

The liberal establishment has spent another $923,000 smearing Dr. Ward.

Locals at our sign-waves say Dr. Ward is fearless in standing up for conservatism. She is the kind of warrior Trump needs on his team in Washington DC. This is why operatives in both parties seek to destroy her.

Please watch and share my brief video defending Dr. Ward.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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