LMAO: Nutty Democratic State Senator Calls The COPS On A Reporter Who Asked Her A D@mn Question

Written by K. Walker on August 30, 2018

The problem in America is that Democrats continue to run candidates like this for office.

Let me introduce you to Florida State Senator Daphne Campbell. She’s quite the character. She’s the first Haitian American to serve in the State Senate.

She’s also proof that it’s not always the best and brightest that come to America.

Excuse me, that should actually be former Florida State Senator Daphne Campbell. She just lost her re-election bid on Tuesday night.

How did that happen, you ask?

It might have something to do with her being the worst politician in the Florida Senate. She was caught bragging about seeking assistance from Florida Power and Light to get her power back on after Hurrican Irma because of her ‘sick’ mother — who had been dead for years, the IRS slapping liens on her because of her massive debt, she’s had 10 foreclosures filed against her properties, was caught on film passing around a purse that a lobbyist stuffed cash into and then said it was ‘just a joke’, it has been reported that she lives outside her district, and she has a pesky habit of calling the police on reporters.

How could she not win?

She also had a slick marketing campaign.

It is in Kreole, but don’t worry, there are subtitles.

Watch the ‘Re-elect Senator Daphne Campbell’ campaign video (and yes, she did approve that message):

That. Ad. Was. Spectacular.

It’s important to note the professionalism of the recording, as well as the attention to detail, like the title: ‘DAPHNE’S SONG: campaign video for youtube.

Those lyrics, though… they were… interesting.

A leader who’s always knows what to do — It’s Daphne Campbell!
The leader God has sent us — It’s Daphne Campbell!
We’re not stupid!
Why replace a player that has giving great results?
It’s Daphne Campbell when there’s a hurricane — It’s you!
When we don’t have electricity — It’s Daphne Campbell!
When there’s sickness –It’s Daphne Campbell!
When we have death in the family — It’s you!
When you need food — It’s you!
When our kids are in jail — It’s Daphne Campbell!
When there’s earthquake — It’s you!
When we need a mother — It’s you!
When you don’t have money — It’s Daphne Campbell!
When we are crying — It’s you!
When we are sad — It’s Daphne Campbell!
When we need to be comforted — It’s you!
When we’re hungry and need food –It’s Daphne Campbell!

That is some stellar stuff.

I guess they forgot to fix that awkward high-five in post-production. Then again, look at the terrible green screen editing. Maybe that was fixed.

This chick is so toxic that the Miami-Dade Democratic Party is suggesting that she’s actually a Republican in disguise.

It’s her calls to the police when there are reporters around that is the most puzzling.

Earlier this month, Campbell was at a campaign event with her challenger, Jason Pizzo. Sarah Blaskey, a reporter with the Miami Herald, attempted to ask Campbell questions during the open question and answer session. Campell called the police because she felt ‘threatened’ by Blaskey.

‘Can you please send a police for me, please, right now,’ Campbell can be heard saying, as the operator asks for her location.

‘I have a lady who threatened me a lot,’ Campbell claimed.

‘I’m not going to argue with no one. She threatened me right now. I need protection.’

When Ms Blaskey asked for an interview, she was refused and told to email her questions, the Herald reported.

However, when Ms Blaskey continued to listen to Ms Campbell’s conversations with voters, the senator walked to another table and called police, the newspaper reported.

Source: Daily Mail

Blaskey has had a little fun with the incident on Twitter:

Blaskey isn’t the first reporter that Campbell called the police about. On May 1 she had called the Miami Shores P.D. on a Rise News reporter, Rich Robinson, who had written articles critical of her in the past for ‘stalking’ her. Campbell was at a Miami Shores Village Council meeting and Robinson arrived to record B-roll footage of Campbell. He also ran into her outside of the meeting walking to her car and recorded about 10 seconds of video.

According to a copy of the May 1 police report, Campbell called Miami Shores PD just before 10:30 p.m. that night and met the cops at Café Crema on NE 125th Street. She specifically said she noticed a man “wearing a ‘Rise News’ shirt filming and taking pictures of everyone in the room.” Campbell told the cops that when she witnessed Robinson filming her assistant Marie Eliancy’s vehicle, she became worried since Eliancy transports her children in that car.

But Campbell knew Robinson worked for an outlet that had written critical pieces about her before. After Hurricane Irma, Robinson covered a combination Irma relief/massage/Scientology community event (you read that right) that Campbell held in her district. While at that meetup, Robinson filmed Campbell openly bragging about texting a Florida Power & Light lobbyist to help get her electricity repaired as a “favor.”

Source: The Miami New Times

FPL denied that they assisted Campbell, and when she was caught, she said that she was only asking to help out her ‘sick’ mother. The problem was, her mother had been dead for years.

She wasn’t lying — she just meant that her mother was really, really sick.


Daphne Campbell shows utter contempt for the media.

And she lost her reelection bid.

The day after, her son was thrown in jail for violating his parole.

Gregory Campbell, 35, was first convicted of Medicaid fraud in 2013. He got seven years in prison. A state appeals court reversed the conviction, saying he deserved a new trial. He later accepted a plea deal that called for him to stay inside his house on “community control” for two years unless he was at work or other approved outings.

But according to an affidavit filed by the Florida Department of Corrections, a probation officer paid a surprise visit on Aug. 8 and found Gregory Campbell was not home.

Source: Miami Herald

What a charming family.

As a public service, let’s not have any more of them run for office.


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