Mom Kills Her 2 Kids – It Was This Google Search That Did Her In

Written by Wes Walker on August 31, 2018

They suspected nothing when the first child died, but when the second one did, they did some digging into her computer… and charged her with murder.

The company catchphrase at Google is “don’t be evil”. Too bad it wasn’t this psycho chick’s catchphrase, too… two kids would still be alive.

A 23-year-old Alaskan mother, Stephany E. LaFountain. ‘lost’ her four-month-old baby girl in September of 2015. Police pressed no charges then. When she ‘lost’ another child (this one aged thirteen months, born to a different father) under similar circumstances in 2017, police got suspicious.

(A little quick math shows she was pregnant again a couple of months after the first death. With a different dad.)

When the found that her browsing history, only an hour before her baby’s death included searches on how to kill someone without getting caught, including suffocation, they pressed charges.

She now faces first- and second-degree murder charges for the deaths of those two baby girls.

On Sept. 15, 2015, emergency dispatchers got a call from LaFountain, whose last name was Bilecki at that time. LaFountain told dispatchers that her 4-month-old child wasn’t breathing. The child died in Fairbanks’ local hospital about an hour after the initial call, police said.

Police said that forensic analysis revealed that, about an hour before dispatchers got a call about the 13-month-old child, LaFountain had conducted multiple “suspicious searches” online. Those included “ways to suffocate;” “Ways to kill human with no proof;” “16 steps to kill someone and not get caught.”

Both children had been “entirely healthy,” autopsy results and medical records showed, according to police. The cause of death for the child who died in 2015 was “officially undetermined, but the symptoms were consistent with a suffocation death,” police said.
Source: ADN

Two dead baby girls. At the hand of their mother, the one person they trusted most to feed and protect them.

That’s malice.

One might ask what must go wrong in a person’s soul to make someone think that the murder of a child seems like a reasonable option. If you’re horrified by these calculated deaths, and find yourself asking questions like that, we agree.

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