MSNBC Moron Doesn’t Think Mollie Tibbetts’ Murder By An Illegal Alien Is A Big Deal

Written by K. Walker on August 22, 2018

Can you imagine the outrage if someone on a news panel had dismissed the death of  ‘some black teen in Florida’ when referring to Trayvon Martin?

That’s pretty much what happened on MSNBC last night.

Fordham University professor Christina Greer was so giddy after the news of Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen pleading guilty, as well as Paul Manafort being found guilty on 8 tax-related charges, that she flippantly said that Fox News wasn’t covering the ‘big news’ and was instead talking about ‘some girl in Iowa.’

Fox News did indeed cover the tragic end to the search for Mollie Tibbetts and the illegal alien that was charged in her murder. Fox News also covered both the Manafort and the Cohen stories extensively with multiple segments every hour.

That wasn’t enough to satisfy Dr. Greer, however.

The death of 20-year old Mollie Tibbets at the hands of a man that shouldn’t have been in the country in the first place didn’t seem to rank very highly on her newsworthiness list.

As a reminder to Dr. Greer, who is a professor of Politica Science, illegal immigrants killing American citizens is a political issue. Democrats are planning on running on an ‘Abolish ICE’ and ‘Open Borders’ agenda in the midterms. Illegal immigration is an issue that many Americans feel very strongly about. In the wake of the Mollie Tibbetts story, that number is likely to increase.


That was cold, callous, and cruel.

Not only that, it was blatantly false.

To her credit, Dr. Geer did (sort of) apologize on Twitter:

See what she did there?

It’s all about the narrative.

She has to push against enforcing immigration law because it’s ‘discriminatory.’ Uh, yeah. That’s kind of the point — but not in the racial sense. We discriminate against those that try to cut the line and skirt the law, no matter what color their skin is.

The entire purpose of having points of entry and a system of rules by which one must legally enter the country is so that we can select who can and cannot stay. One of those things that we check for is criminal activity. I’m not saying that every illegal alien will commit heinous crimes like Cristhian Bahena Rivera did, but they did indeed break the law by entering the country illegally or overstaying their visa. The fact is, there are some criminals that do enter the country illegally. Does Dr. Greer really want to have America be the safe haven for criminals on the lam?

Of course, she tweeted her ‘apology’ 9 hours after tweeting this gem:

Well, as a good progressive, Dr. Greer has often said some spectacularly horrendous things.

You can read her article on how America is steeped in White Supremacy here.

She’s also said that Rand Paul is ‘intimidated by women.’

She called Rudy Giuliani’s tough on crime policies in New York racist.

She called President Trump a ‘race-baiting misogynist’ when he was still running to be the Republican nominee.

She’s said that ‘white women choose patriarchy over their own interests’ and that ‘this whole exercise of American democracy is set up to protect white women.’

By the way, the Mollie Tibbetts story was covered extensively by the Media (D)… right up until yesterday.

What could have possibly changed that in such a short period of time?

Oh, right…

It was the entire narrative.

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