Republican At The Midterms: Remember Which Republican Policy Gains Democrats Would Gladly Overturn

Written by Bill Thomas on August 15, 2018

Tom Steyer, billionaire liberal, has made it no secret he wants to end the presidency of Donald Trump. Being much smarter than the unwashed masses that elected Trump, he’s convinced he needs to “fix” things. His “The Need to Impeach” campaign is spending $10 million on an effort to weaken Trump through the November midterm elections. He doesn’t attempt to hide his intention. “Our first order of business remains demanding the removal of a reckless, lawless and dangerous president,” Steyer said.

The Democrats and their accomplices in the “Fake News” media are all in on winning the midterms in November and impeaching or at least making life miserable for President Trump. In an astonishingly outlandish statement, Joe Scarborough of MSNBC said, ““This is the most corrupt administration in the history of our lifetime, certainly over the first year and a half.” I suppose he was distracted during the eight years of Barack Obama and failed to notice the real corruption that went on and continues to go on from that administration. He is, though, one of the many shrills on the left who seek to bring down a duly elected president because they know better than we, the schmucks that elected him, do.

It’s important that we recognize who these elitists are and know what they are trying to do. It’s also important to give reasons why the Republicans should win. Here are a couple of the best reasons I see for why a “Red Wave” needs to drown the arrogant and unpatriotic left.

The economy is better now than it has been in years. Aimee Picchi, in CBS News’ Money Watch, reports, “the economy is the strongest it’s been since the recession, which ended in mid-2009. Unemployment is at its lowest point in 18 years.” The evidence for the booming economy is everywhere. It’s so overwhelming that the liberals now acknowledge it but claim it doesn’t affect the “regular people”.

They want to assert that wages are stagnant and only the wealthy benefit from this economy. This is just another lie. Michael Diaz of Houston tweeted earlier this year, “I just checked my paycheck and I have $100 extra dollars! That money will go to my church and help pay a bill.” Literally, there are millions more stories just like this one.

Jobs are more plentiful, too. Unemployment is down dramatically across the board, especially for African-Americans. July 2018 marked the second-lowest number of unemployed Americans since before 9/11, dropping to 6.28 million – 284,000 fewer that in the previous month. Jay Ambrose in the New Jersey Herald notes, “the loudest Trump triumph of the moment has been dips to the lowest black unemployment in history.”

People’s lives are better since President Trump took office. We can’t afford to let the intellectual arrogance of the elites rob us of the best chance we’ve had in a while to provide for our families. We must keep Congress in the hands of the Republicans in November or it all could be lost.

The leadership of America in the world has never been stronger. Contrary to the fantasies of the elites, Trump’s been tougher on Russia than previous administrations. This is most recently seen in the announcement of export restrictions in response to accusations Moscow used a nerve agent to poison a former Russian spy in Britain. As a result, Russia’s currency fell to its lowest dollar value in nearly two years.

Trump has met with North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un and started the process of North Korean nuclear disarmament. An action long overdue, the Trump administration brought back from North Korea the remains of what are believed to be U.S. servicemen killed during the Korean War. Trump has stood up to the mullahs of Iran and demanded a better deal. As L. Todd Wood writes in The Washington Times, “The butchers of Tehran thought they had it made. We can wait a few years for the bomb, get over a hundred billion dollars, and develop ballistic missiles in the meantime! They didn’t count on Donald Trump.”

Under President Trump our relations with Israel have never been stronger and our embassy is now in Jerusalem, a promise made by many, but kept by Trump.

Throughout the world, America is respected again. There are no more “apology tours” or attacks on “American exceptionalism.” If the Democrats gain the House and/or the Senate in November, this wonderful season in America comes to a premature end.

Real Clear Politics asserts that there are 41 House races across the country that are considered “Toss Ups.” The Republicans need to win 23 to insure control of the House. In the Senate, Real Clear Politics reports that there are seven Senate seats that are “Toss Ups.” The Republicans need to win three to retain control of the Senate. That’s the minimum.

How amazing would it be for a huge Red Wave cascade upon the elites? Those who care about regular people being able to provide for themselves and their families; those who don’t think that coastal elites know more than we do; those who believe America is a great country must come out to vote. We cannot afford to lose races because the other side was more enthusiastic. If we won’t stand in November, all that’s good could fall.

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Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas lives in Washington, Missouri and is a professor at St. Louis Christian College. He's also on staff at First Christian Church in Washington, Missouri. He's authored two novellas, From the Ashes and The Sixty-First Minute published by White Feather Press of MI and three Bible studies, Surrounded by Grace, The Critical Questions and More and The Road to Victory published by CSS Publishing of OH.