So, Do ‘All Lives Matter’ to Walmart — or Don’t They?

Written by Larry Usoff on August 6, 2018

Something for you to think about:

With “open borders” the people in less-developed countries will gravitate to the ones that are better-developed. In our case, the estimate is that we will get ONE BILLION people in about 10 years. We are already experiencing problems feeding and housing the folks that we have…now drop another BILLION in here and what do you think is going to happen? It doesn’t take a genius to see that this country will go downhill rapidly.

The pussification of America continues. You are losing your freedom of speech. You are losing your freedom of assembly. You may lose your right to own a firearm. There is a real urban war in the offing, between black lives and blue lives. The “open border” concept will bring about a BILLION people from around the world into the US…and we’ll wind up like Venezuela, or Syria and we’ll become a footnote in history.

October 15, 2016…Hey…did you know this? For the past nine months Domagron, a family-owned business, has been selling “All Lives Matter” bumper stickers on Walmart’s online marketplace. But on Oct. 11 the company received a notice from the nation’s largest retailer that the bumper sticker had been removed from its marketplace. The notice implied that the bumper sticker had violated the company’s “prohibited products” policy. Owner Dominick Agron was stunned – so he fired off an email to Walmart demanding to know why the “All Lives Matter” bumper sticker was prohibited. Later that evening he was stunned to receive the following message from Walmart: “’All Lives Matter’ has been deemed an offensive term. These types of items are not appropriate for the Walmart Marketplace.”

Mr. Agron was furious. “Walmart should be ashamed of itself,” he said. “To advocate a view that not all lives matter is deplorable.” Meanwhile, Mr. Agron wrote a letter to the company’s board of directors announcing his intentions to terminate his relationship with Walmart.

“As a result of Walmart’s blatant discrimination and formal position that “ALL” lives do not natter, we are terminating our relationship with Walmart effective immediately,” he wrote. “I am disappointed in your views, but we cannot transact with such a morally corrupt organization.”
Mr. Agron’s message apparently was received loud and clear at Walmart headquarters – because they recently reinstated the bumper sticker. “They had blamed the removal on a system issue,” he said. “While we seriously doubt the veracity of the claim, we are taking it at face value.”

Mr. Agron is right to be suspicious. “Someone needed to code the algorithm in the system to consider the term ‘All Lives Matter offensive,’” he said. “A computer can’t do that on its own.” As a good faith measure, he decided to reinstate all of his other products on the Walmart marketplace.

“However, we reserve the right to cease dealing with Walmart once again,” he added. Last month a Walmart in Georgia refused to decorate a cake with the words “Blue Lives Matter.” Facing a media firestorm and national outrage, the store had a change of heart and agreed to comply with the customer’s wishes.

Sounds like the Walmart bakers may have had the same algorithm problem that resulted in the bumper sticker getting banned. Walmart might want to look into that — or else they might have to come up with an algorithm for disappearing customers.

According to my old Dad, one can forgive an opponent, but never forget their name. Good advice. Personally, if I dislike someone, I dislike them forever.

It just frosts my cookies (does anyone still say that?) to see/hear people say they will leave the country if Trump is elected. They never do, based on past elections and announcements…and they never will. This is one of the very few countries left that will let you speak your mind…and unless we are very careful, THAT will be taken from us. People like Colin Achmed and the other “kneelers” would be dragged out into the street and killed, in most of the countries that they profess to admire…and that’s ironic to me. America forever!

Never in my lifetime, have I ever witnessed such blatant corruption as is being uncovered now. What has happened to this country? How has this been allowed to occur? American patriots should be on the alert because the nation is threatened as it has never been before…the threat is coming from inside rather than out.

September 15, 2016: You can check on this. In Barnegat, New Jersey, at Cecil S. Collins school they are being taught Islamic cleaning rituals…and who knows what else? A second-grader came home with a health and hygiene worksheet that included references to hijabs and thawbs – clothing worn by religious Muslims. The worksheet also included a reference from the Koran: “Allah loves those who make themselves clean and pure.” Has anything changed since then?

Parting shot: What a person collects during their lifetime usually has some sort of meaning to them. It may recall an incident, a song, perhaps a marriage…or death. What irks me is that these pieces of my life will have absolutely no meaning for my surviving family. To them, the vast majority of the “stuff” will have no meaning and no value. If anything has any monetary value, it will be sold. Sentiment will go out the window and the “stuff” that has any usefulness will be divided among themselves. Yep, That’s it.

photo credit: Excerpted from: jjbers Walmart (Old Saybrook, Connecticut) via photopin (license)

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