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News Clash

Tucker Carlson Interviews Tommy Robinson — Compares His Time In Prison To Gitmo

One difference being, in Gitmo, the prisoners don’t lose 40 pounds in 2 months.

We used to think of the UK as a free society. After all, many of the freedoms we take for granted found their roots in either from British Common Law itself — The Magna Carta, for instance — or some of their top-shelf political and moral philosophers.

Who would have expected their once-great civilization to piss that all away in the name of Political correctness?

Oh, that’s right. Just about every political observer West of the Atlantic, that’s who.

But their descent into madness is happening faster than anyone had anticipated.

A citizen-journalist was found to have been wrongly imprisoned, and had any number of his personal rights violated by the very system that is supposed to protect his personal rights.

Here’s the interview:

He claimed that he was put in solitary confinement after moving prisons, where he “spent two months not seeing or speaking to anybody”.

During his prison term he said he lost “nearly 40lb” after living on a diet of one tin of tuna and a piece of fruit a day.


Robinson told the show that other prisoners threw excrement and spat through his ground floor cell window.

He explained: “We had huge heatwaves so I was drenched everyday and I have excrement and spit thrown through the windows.

“In the end I had to block up all of my windows.”

Oh — and besides the 2 months of Solitary Confinement, the rushed trial (that contravened his rights) the access he was denied to legal counsel, and the issues concerning his food and safety, did we mention that his wife was said to be a known target of an ‘acid attack’?

The offenders who have ACTUALLY harmed children don’t suffer like he has.

Way to prove he was completely wrong about any of his concerns about foreigners coming into England with values hostile to our modern views of human rights, to say nothing of his concern about their malicious intent.

Nah. You’re right. Obviously he’s mistaken about the ‘Religion of Peace’. How else would you explain ‘acid attacks’, feces and losing 40 pounds while being held in prison for a ‘contempt charge’?

Of course… HE’s the unreasonable one.

A couple of closing thoughts by someone who isn’t walking lockstep with the British media’s PC wall of silence.

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Wes Walker

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