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Video: RNC Unleashes Advert Ridiculing Democrats After Mega Losses And It’s Pure Gold

Hey Democrats — here’s a little free advice from that guy who lives his life ‘a quarter-mile at a time’.

And for anyone who’s been too busy watching movies where women ‘get busy’ with fish-creatures to know that quote, it’s a reference to Vin Diesel. Look it up, it’s great.

In answer to the highly-anticipated vote in Ohio where Democrats told us we’d be seeing the beginnings of that BlueWave, the RNC has released a video.

Looks like the Democrat’s long-awaited ‘Blue Wave’ needs the ‘Blue Pill’.

The Trump Presidency has brought us a lot of things. But the post-election Republican gloat-clips at the media’s expense are one of our favorites.

The vaunted ‘Free Press’ we keep hearing about must have all gone to the same meeting to coach them on what the word of the day was.

Today’s Secret Word, Media(D) is ‘Moral Victory’!

Bloody Hell, is “PeeWee Herman” working in HR over there or something?

And can it POSSIBLY be more clear which result they were hoping for?

The only thing missing was an ‘Attaboy. You’ll get ’em next time!’

Anyway, back to the election results.

This is the point where someone will bring up the fact that results are still pending.

Ok, sure. That’s true.

The race was really tight, and we’re still waiting for the official results, and mail-in ballots, etc. It is ‘possible’ that the Democrat will pull ahead.

But the Republican candidate won the night. Period. The votes whe had on hand to count broke for the Republican.

And, as Trump happily pointed out, ‘the trend IS his friend’.

And in each of those elections, the official talking points of the Left (which you see parroted in the commercial) have never been about ‘losing’. They have always been about ‘gaining ground’ against the 2016 numbers. Which, they argue, is predictive of Democrat gains in the Midterms. Or the ‘Blue Wave’ as they’ve called it.

Political observers are unimpressed.

Here’s what a writer for Politico had to say about the ‘Blue Drip’:

And Politico could hardly be accused of being a ‘right-wing rag’.

How do you like our chances in the Midterms?

That sounds about right to us.

What do you think? Are you excited, or on edge?

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