WATCH: Laser-sight Captured On Film Painting Victim Right Before Being Murdered

Written by Wes Walker on August 27, 2018

In live streaming, there IS no failsafe ‘tape delay’. If something unexpected happens, it gets caught on camera. And few things are as unexpected as this.

There are no words of comfort or outrage that quite cover the situation properly.

In a Jacksonville, Florida video game tournament with $5000 on the line and a slot in the ‘big game’ the evidence so far seems to point this being a Monster Case of ‘Sore Loser’.

He didn’t pull out a gun and start wasting people (in a ‘gun-free zone’, no less) after WINNING a game. Of course not. He did it after losing.

More specifically, he did it after losing at a game of Video Game football.

What a stupid waste of life.

If you’re interested in the things the media won’t WANT to repeat, like how he felt about Trump and trump voters, we’ve got you covered, here.

In the first moments, when events were just beginning to turn chaotic, and nobody knew what was happening, a gut-wrenching image was captured on this camera.

It’s quick. You almost wouldn’t see it. A quick flash of red laser light sweeps across the man’s chest. It’s the guy wearing the white headphones.

In more ordinary circumstances, you’d have written it off as some doofus playing around with a laser pointer.

This was no ordinary circumstance. This was a flash of nihilism that surprised everyone involved by wounding eleven, and killing two, not counting the waste of life who decided that brandishing a handgun was the right response to getting his butt kicked at a video game.

What a loser.

The poor guy in the red sweater had no idea how great a danger his life was in.

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