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WATCH: Sharpton Misspells Aretha Franklin’s Famous Song In An Attack On Trump

He’s never really been the Sharpest tool in the shed, but this is bad even by his paltry standards.

Pro-tip if you’re going to set a political enemy up for a public beat-down, don’t make an embarrassing gaffe in the process.

Sharpton — an unapologetic race-baiter, and tax cheat — has made an ass of himself in public. Again.

This time, he was trying to paint Trump as a horrible person for calling Omarosa a ‘dog’, as he has with any number of others. Just like ‘loser’. Which, by the end of that episode of Sharpton’s show, is a name that EVERYONE could be calling Al.

Sharpton tried to score points by saying Trump was unique in using animal epithets to denigrate people he doesn’t like (maybe he’s never heard of ‘rap music’?) and praised Omarosa for her already-discredited book saying ‘sometimes the dog bites back’.

But we’re not at the really stupid part yet. He tried to use the news story of the recent passing of Aretha Franklin to really drive his point home. But, he royally ‘screwed the pooch’ on that one, and was left looking to all the world like the jackass he really is.


“Show some R-E-S-P-I-C-T”

Wait, what?

Yes, he botched his ‘friend’ Aretha Franklin’s single most famous line.

Of course, Twitter had fun at his expense:

And now, you can too.

By the way, if comparing individual people to ‘dogs’ is bad, is ‘Reverend’ Al calling Law enforcement ‘Pigs’ that should be ‘offed’ a bad thing?

Maybe Rev Al should go back and re-read that line about pulling the plank out of his own eye.

Maybe all that time spent ranting would be better spent making sure his taxes are up to date.

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