Watch: Theresa May’s Cool With South Africa Seizing White-Owned Farms

Written by K. Walker on August 29, 2018

No, this is not satire.  The Conservative Prime Minister of the United Kingdom just supported South Africa’s land grab policy. Here’s the 411…

ClashDaily has covered the South African Land issue here:

Dear CNN: Blacks Are Taking Land From Whites In South Africa – Is That ‘Racism?’

In a statement made in Cape Town on Tuesday, Prime Minister Theresa May has said that the proposed expropriation of land from white farmers is totes kewl with her as long as it’s done legally and transparently, and through a ‘democratic process.’

Here’s her actual statement:

‘The UK has for some time now supported land reform. Reform that is legal, that is transparent, that is generated through a democratic process.’

Here’s the problem with that.

The South African government, run by Cyril Ramaphosa’s party, the African National Congress (ANC), has stated that there have been ‘blatantly clear’ demands for land reform and has made the issue a part of his mandate. The Ramaphosa government is seeking to amend Section 25 of the South African Constitution to allow for the seizure of white-owned land without compensation. His reason? Otherwise, land redistribution would take too long.

Section 25 currently mandates that if land is taken away from a property owner, ‘compensation…must be just and equitable.’ Ramaphosa claims the new amendment is designed to “outline more clearly the conditions under which expropriation of land without compensation can be affected.” In other words, the ANC is changing the ‘just and equitable’ compensation clause to mean “no compensation” is necessary—if the property is taken from white landowners.

May has said that the UK would only support land reform that is ‘democratic’ and ‘legal.’ The problem is that although whites make up only around 8% of the population, they own the vast majority of the land, in some cases, they have owned the land for generations. To think that this minority could be vocal against the 80% black population in South Africa is ridiculous. If a majority of black South Africans approve of the expropriation without compensation, that would make the Constitutional amendment both democratic and legal.

Is that what Theresa May would support?

Here is Ramaphosa discussing ‘land reform’ that moves from willing-seller to willing-buyer to expropriation without compensation:

The Ramaphosa government has been blatantly racist against white people. In an official tweet, they seemed to call all white people ‘murderers.’

Ramaphosa’s and the ANC’s disdain for South African whites has always been clear. On Monday, the ANC via their official Twitter, appeared to call all white South Africans “murderers.” The president once even compared the strategy of dealing with whites to that of boiling frogs; you must raise the temperature slowly, so they do not notice what is happening, for if the temperature is raised suddenly, the frog will jump out of the water. Then, by the time the frog realizes it is dying, it is too late for it to escape the pot.

Despite his prejudices, Ramaphosa was still democratically elected by the people of South Africa last February. The president insists that the amendment will “promote redress, advance economic development, increase agricultural production and food security.” In reality, South Africa is beginning to head down the same path toward social and economic disaster that its northern neighbor Zimbabwe took eighteen years ago.

Source: National Interest

Ramaphosa is just doing the same thing that Robert Mugabe did in Zimbabwe in 2000. Mugabe’s government seized 23 million acres of land from white farmers and the result was disastrous. Not only were five white farm owners and dozens of black farm workers killed, but the food production of the country dropped by 60% in ten years. This resulted in food shortages and a deathblow to the economy. Hyperinflation peaked in 2008, with the daily inflation rate averaged 98% in July 2008 — every single day, the cost of living would almost double.

This is what Ramaphosa’s policy will do to South Africa.

And this is what Prime Minister Theresa May is supporting — with a few caveats, of course:

Way to stand up against, racism, Theresa.

What an embarrassment to the place that was the soil from which our modern ideals of freedom, democracy, and equality grew.

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