Are You Kidding Me? Democrats’ Ridiculous Requests in the Kavanaugh Matter

Written by Candace Hardin on September 21, 2018

The process for selecting Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice has ground to a halt by an accusation from a schoolmate that allegedly happened thirty-some-odd years prior.

Christine Blasey Ford has put out an originally anonymous letter detailing a physical attack allegedly perpetrated by Kavanaugh at a teen age drinking party sometime in the eighties.

Both of the parties were minors, he was seventeen and she was fifteen.

According to the Democrats, Republican men are steam rolling Ms. Ford and treating her unfairly by asking her to testify at her convenience in any way that is best for her.

Diane Feinstein sat on the letter, never once mentioning it when she interviewed Kavanaugh personally. Now at the eleventh hour, since nothing has been found to stand in the way of his nomination, she turns it over to the FBI.

Ms. Ford was initially reluctant to come forward with her claim. She wanted to remain unknown and did not want to press the case. She has now hired a lawyer, taken a polygraph and is demanding an FBI investigation.

Things that come under the jurisdiction of the FBI are as follows:
Terrorism, Counter intelligence, Cyber Crime, Public Corruption, Civil Rights, Organized Crime, White Collar Crime, Violent Crime and WMD.

The FBI has released a statement that the allegations do not involve any potential FEDERAL crime. Therefore, it is not their responsibility to conduct any investigation.

Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina has raised the question of why Ms. Ford all of a sudden decided to go forward, hired a lawyer and took a polygraph test.

He questioned why the sudden change of heart and who paid for the lawyer and polygraph, implying that the Democrats couldn’t find any way to stop his nomination, so they are trying to destroy his life.

As any law enforcement person will tell you, a polygraph is no proof of lies OR truth, especially if the person has distinct character traits that allows them to beat the test, or if the person truly believes in what happened regardless of the circumstance.

No one wants to discredit Ms. Ford, but no one should be allowed to throw out allegations of this caliber without specific proofs on any citizen, regardless of position.

Hillary Clinton says she believes her, as do many other female politicos.

The question remains, why was this not brought up many years ago when Kavanaugh was nominated as counsel to president Bush. He was fine then, the accusation is thirty-four years old and should have been reported at that time.

Why wasn’t it?

First of all, if it is true, both of them were underage and at a DRINKING party. She was fifteen and he was seventeen. That is against the law within itself.

If he allegedly groped her, she should have reported it to local authorities at the time.

Then if either of them were charged with a crime, it would have been in Juvenile Court. At eighteen, their records would have been expunged and this would be a moot point.

Most likely, she didn’t want to tell her parents she was drunk at a pool party. That’s understandable.
Her haze on the details could account for her level of inebriation.

While not dismissing her claim out of hand, it seems that there are a few pieces of the puzzle missing from her account. One of which is solid proof.

Isn’t someone INNOCENT until proven GUILTY?

Do parents not teach their children not to tender accusations at will without solid evidence of a crime?

It is wrong to throw mud at anyone unless it is time to press charges and get on with the issue of law.

If Ms. Ford is unable or unwilling to testify on behalf of her claim, then it should be dismissed.

If she is interested in seeing justice done, she should testify and get her evidence out there.

Her demands and recent change of heart, plus her lack of recollection on parts of the matter are doing a disservice to herself and Judge Kavanaugh. It smacks of pure political motives from the Democratic Party, who have sworn to obstruct anyone nominated by Donald Trump for the Supreme Court, and makes a mockery of anyone who has a legitimate claim of attack or abuse. This is no light matter to play a game and bandy it about like a football.

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Candace Hardin
Candace Hardin resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is fluent in Spanish and a student of Latin and history. She is a columnist on and has a blog, Originally from North Carolina, her writing and beliefs have been heavily influenced by the Appalachian culture and tradition.