Does This Innocent Sounding Technology Represent a New Next Scary Step in Warfare?

Written by Larry Usoff on September 10, 2018

Some things are just so far away from being “normal” that they just make you laugh. The other day someone sent me an email concerning a request for funds that they got. The letter, asking for contributions, was to build the administration building for a complex that would be known as…The Marquis De Sade School of Medicine! The letter was well-written and if you didn’t know about the Marquis, you might have been taken in by it and actually sent money to this person…to a post office box, by the way. As the postal service so often cautions, you never send money to anyone that you don’t know and certainly not to a box. That being said, I must confess that I once ran a business out of a post office box, but it was many years before computers, or the internet. I made custom stationery and it was a legitimate business so you don’t have to investigate me. LOL

KFC, as everyone knows, used to be Kentucky Fried Chicken, but with the advent of “healthy” eating habits the word “fried” was thought to be a bad thing to instill in potential customer’s minds, hence the initials. To be sure, is there anyone that doesn’t know that the initials still mean some of the best FRIED chicken to be had anywhere? If KFC is SO popular (and it is) why in the world would one of their stores shut down? In San Luis, Arizona there is, or was, one of these chicken stores, but as the Washington Post reported, it closed even though it was doing a great business…but not in selling chicken.

No, this store, just 200 yards north of the US-Mexico border had been purchased for $390,000 ALL IN CASH by one Ivan Lopez, for the purpose of receiving drugs. The drugs were picked out of a relatively small hole in the middle of the floor, which prompted the government agents to investigate further, having obtained a proper search warrant. The agents chipped away at the concrete around the hole, which led them to a shaft which, in turn, became an underground tunnel…into Mexico! The dimensions of the tunnel, five feet tall, three feet wide and about 600 feet long, spoke of the determination of the people behind the importation of drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine. It became apparent that, even with a wall, no matter how high, a tunnel could, and probably would be dug underneath it and come up someplace in San Luis.

The United States, in the previous administration, “normalized” the diplomatic relations with Cuba, and many people said this was a good thing. There were just as many, maybe more, people that said those relations should have remained as they were, making Cuba a political pariah. Aside from some pictures showing the former occupant of the White House with the present dictator of Cuba, Raul Castro, what exactly did we accomplish?

Alright, we can send tourists to Havana, but they are never going to see the actual plight of the country, are they? Cuba has long touted its healthcare system and how advanced they were, so why did so many Americans get a “mysterious” ailment? Another oddity is that the ones that became ill all worked at the newly-opened US facility in Cuba. In years past this mystery illness also affected some diplomats in China, and studies were done then to determine what the cause might be. To be honest, the United States was not dragging its feet in the area of so-called “brain wave” maladies.

Our programs, delving into the area of microwave transmission, did produce theories about sending unusually loud “booms” and even spoken words into someone’s head and not being able to be discovered. It was this sort of “ailment” that seemed to have been used in both China and Cuba, meaning that another plateau of “mind control” had been reached. It is not out of the realm of possibility that these “rays” have had their range extended for military or political purposes. A group at the University of Pennsylvania, headed by Douglas H. Smith, agreed that microwave rays were definitely being considered as the cause of what some called “the immaculate concussion”.

Allen Frey discovered, long ago, that microwaves can trick the brain into perceiving what seemed to be ordinary sounds. It has since become known as “the Frey effect”, and covers loud noises, including ringing, buzzing, and grinding. Scientists have termed it stealthy attacks with sonic weapons…and where is Buck Rogers when you really need him, huh?

Alright, we’ve sort of established that these rays are real…but who is sending them? Is it the Russians? The Chinese? We’re pretty sure that Cuba did not develop these weapons, but have been “given” them in return for something, and we don’t know what that “something” is…yet. Frey, in a simple experiment in 1960 found that by standing in a radar beam he could actually hear the beam’s pulses!

Parting shot: It occurs to me that mankind is evolving into something so smart, and at the same time, idiotic, that it very well might be killing itself. Are robots, which are in their infancy now, going to get to the point where they will “think” and, perhaps, decide that they don’t need humans anymore? Will the “terminator” become the new infantry? Do stay tuned for the latest developments…
and you just might be unpleasantly surprised.

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