Heads Up, Parents: Social Media Is Dangerous For Our Kids

Published on September 11, 2018

by Thomas Victor
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Social media is out of control and destroying our children. We put our kids at risk when we allow them internet access and use of all social media platforms. Depression and anxiety are through the roof and many studies now show smart phones and social media at the heart of it all. Our kids don’t even know how to socialize face to face anymore.

Social media sites are a breeding ground for sexual predators, psychopaths, criminals, narcissists and fake news/political bias! Smart people know this already, this is not rocket science. Our kids know more than we’ll ever know about trending drug use as well as sexual activities and practices that would make a mother and father puke!

Who’s going to fix it?

This cancer is spreading like a wildfire out of control. Now schools are starting to confiscate our kids’ phones and rifle through them anytime they want if someone comes forward with a claim against them?

It happened at our local high school last spring. Someone claimed pictures were going around and they went through dozens of people’s phones and personal information. It’s nuts — and we did this to our kids, we are to blame!

Its gradualism at work as the moral fabric of our nation crumbles. We don’t even protect the rights of our daughters in a locker room or bathroom setting.

photo credit: Excerpted from: certainchance Absorbed via photopin (license)

Thomas Victor is a husband, father and business owner.