LMAO: Monday Night Fooball’s Week 2 Ratings Are The LOWEST Ever Recorded

Written by Wes Walker on September 19, 2018

These NFL ratings are like an old-school limbo party… ‘how low can you go’? As it turns out, they can go REALLY low indeed!

Monday night football recorded their lowest numbers ‘EVAH’!

Whatever could the problem be? Oh, they were up against the Emmy’s?

Sure, that’s your problem. Of course!

The folks who like to crack a beer, scarf some wings and yell at a dumb call by a ref can’t wait to see some stuffed shirts in Hollyweird scold ‘flyover country’ about how dumb and racist they are for a couple of hours.

Maybe it has something to do with their decision to politicize their product?

Here’s the data:

Have fun with that, NFL.

You chose the politics over the fans.

President Trump is a wanted man.


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