Rent-a-Mobs Further Illustrate the Illogic of the ‘Loony Left’

Written by Larry Usoff on September 17, 2018

As I sit here…

As I sit here eating my lunch, reading the mail, it occurs to me that there’s a lot of people in America that have little or no understanding of what America is all about. For example, the man-in-the-street interviews by different reporters display an appalling lack of knowledge by those being questioned, not just of the government that they may be protesting, but even WHY they’re out in the street protesting.

Rosie O’Donnell proclaimed that Trump supporters were being paid to show up at his rallies. That is not true…however, supporters for the socialist/communist/liberals ARE being paid and an investigation, even a modest one, would bring a couple of names to mind…George Soros and Tom Steyer, both wealthy backers of left-leaning causes. Almost since Trump’s inauguration, the left has been accusing him of doing things that, in actuality, were done by them! One might think that having this happen five or six times, they’d wise up and stop doing that ridiculous “name-calling” …but they just keep on with it.

Recently, as if to make sure that everyone knew the Liberals were crazy, George Soros has sent busloads of protestors to Chicago to demand an increase to the minimum wage – forcing a $15 an hour salary for entry-level jobs at McDonald’s. It was part of an agenda to lower job aspirations for young people across America, while forcing corporations to slash recruitment as a result of unrealistic wage expectations. So why would this fight continue if it is not only both bad for the company but also bad for the actual future of those fast food jobs?

It is a fact, in my not-so-humble opinion, that the lefty loonies do not concern themselves with logic. They put together their talking points and, even though it makes no sense at all, they stick with them. Dozens of expensive, unmarked, buses took to Chicago filled with “protestors” holding uniform and expensively printed signs and you have to ask yourself, “Who’s organizing this? Who’s paying for all this?” The average protestor doesn’t have the money to pay for a bus ticket, much less charter several of them!

Rather than the MSM commenting on how odd it is that these “working class Americans” somehow all knew to get on and disembark from those buses marching with corporately produced “protest signs”, they continue to report that this is simply a march fighting for living wages. Folks, I’m not a farmer, but I know horse manure when I see/smell it!

One quick note about the terrorists in the New Mexico desert, and then we’ll get back to other stuff. According to what I read, the FBI had these folks under surveillance but did nothing about them. By the time the local law enforcement people DID do something, a child had been killed. A quick trip to the courtroom where they were slapped on the wrist and then they were released. Finally, at a point that made them look even more ridiculous, the FBI swooped in and collected them. For this, and other stupid actions, I call the FBI: Fink’s Battalion of Idiots.

Among the many offensives, micro-aggressions and other assorted imaginary slights that normal people have inflicted on the snowflakes and buttercups is this one… “cultural appropriation”. As near as I can figure it, it means that if you’re not absolutely straight, in a modest mode of dress, and wear nothing from another culture, you’re alright. However…if you EVER wore a Nehru jacket, leather moccasins, enjoyed sauerkraut, had wanton or egg-drop soup, put a beret on your head, or any one of a possible thousand other things, you have committed “cultural appropriation”! It is, apparently, a sin of some sort that you have borrowed something from another culture and didn’t, somehow acknowledge it. If you own or use a canoe or kayak, that’s from the indigenous Indians and Eskimos. Even if you play golf, that’s an appropriation from the Scots!

One can follow this to its logical, but stupid, conclusion, and that is that you’ll have to sit, stark naked, in your house and never eat any foreign food, use any sort of foreign implement, perhaps not even own a foreign car! Of all the dumb things that the lefty loonies have presented, this might be the king of them all. In reading up on this I discovered that tulips which come from the Netherlands were, in turn, first imported from Turkey in the 1500’s, so they were culturally appropriated too!

Now, as they say, for the pièce de résistance…an ethics award for Hussein…who oversaw Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, “JV” ISIS, Benghazi, backdoor money laundering for the Iran nuclear deal and so much more accepted an award for ethics in government at the University of Illinois on September 7. According to his communications director, BHO will call for rejecting “the rising strain of authoritarian politics and policies.” There must have been no other contenders for the award. Never missing a chance to posture himself as a champion of freedom, he will offer new thoughts on this moment and what it requires from the American people. He will expand upon several of the themes from his summer address, including that America is at its best when our democracy is inclusive and our citizens are engaged. Wait…isn’t this the same guy that “fundamentally transformed” America, gave us racial division, losing military strategies, apologized for America to everyone?

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