The Left’s Unhinged ‘Reason’ Why Conservatives Don’t Want To Throw Brett Kavanaugh Under The Bus

Written by K. Walker on September 28, 2018

We are now in a new political space that I cannot recognize or comprehend. We cannot have any rational discussion of facts, because facts are now political.

I recently read a completely incoherent article on Vice by Eve Peyser that explains — or rather, ‘Evepsplains‘ — why it is that Senate Republicans, (and average conservatives, for that matter,) are not eager to wash their hands of Brett Kavanaugh after several unsubstantiated claims of sexual misconduct.

In her opinion piece, (written before the hearing with Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh,) Peyser makes the absolutely ridiculous claim that Republicans are just standing by Kavanaugh simply to ‘own the libs’ —  it’s just a thumb in the eye of leftists and conservatives don’t care a whit about women, possible sexual assault, or even Kavanaugh himself. She claims that conservatives just want an Originalist Justice on the Supreme Court and will accept an alleged sexual abuser if that’s what it takes.

No matter what you make of the veracity of the sexual assault claims that multiple women have leveled against Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, you have to wonder—why are conservatives defending such a controversial candidate for the highest court in the land?

‘Controversial candidate’?

Does she mean the man that appears to be the subject of character assassination?

‘Multiple women’?

Two women have come forward, and one Creepy Porn Lawyer alleges that he has a client –or maybe it’s several, or maybe he’s been played by internet trolls. More on that later.

  • The first accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, wanted to remain anonymous — except that maybe she didn’t when she originally contacted the Washington Post tip line. Her allegation was non-consensual drunken groping more than 30 years ago and included her impression that he may have been attempting to rape her because she was in a locked room, he put his hand over her mouth, and although he tried, he couldn’t get her bathing suit off. Every other person that Dr. Blasey Ford named that was present at the gathering has denied knowledge of the party, let alone attendance at it. There are multiple problems with her story. You can read her account in the Washington Post here. (It is behind a paywall, so just hit escape a few times as the page loads.)
  • The other woman, Deborah Ramirez, claims that she was at a party at Yale, and she, Kavanaugh, and pretty much everyone else there was drunk. During the party, some male attendee exposed himself and shook his junk in front of her face. She thinks it might have been ‘Brett Jr.’, but she’s not sure. It took her six days of careful reflection of her memories, making phone calls to other attendees of the party, and lawyering up for her to ‘tell her truth’ to the New Yorker. Not one person can corroborate her story, and some have outright denied it.
  • The third (and however many others) are Very Credible Witnesses™ that are represented by attention whore lawyer Michael Avenatti who claims that Kavanaugh, a devout Catholic who serves food to the homeless, is a devoted husband and father, and sometimes teaches at a Jesuit school, used to be one of the ringleaders of a human trafficking ring that would get girls drunk and drugged at parties so that a ‘train of men’ could gang rape them. Avenatti is now denying the claim that he was pranked by 4chan. When details of who Julie Swetnick was — a woman who threatened physical harm on her ex-boyfriend, his wife, and their baby, years after they broke up; and that she had a previous sexual harassment claim against her employer through Debra Katz’s law firm — he should’ve stuck with the 4chan claim.

And then, with just nanoseconds to spare, a rash of ever-more ridiculous allegations popped up like a bad case of acne.

Somehow, all of these allegations were missed in the 6 background checks that the FBI conducted on Brett Kavanaugh, and the accusers never came forward in the 1990s when his name was plastered all over the news as a member of Ken Starr’s team investigating Bill Clinton. Nor did anything get mentioned by the alleged victims or in the thorough background checks, as he rose through the judicial ranks in Washington.

Peyser continues and explains why the ‘Birds Of A Feather Flock Together Principle’ should replace ‘Due Process Under The Law’ in the Fifth Amendment… and also, ‘TRUMP!’

As Vox’s Matt Yglesias has argued, “Republicans simply do not care whether it’s true that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted women in his youth,” noting that Bill Shine has ascended to a top communications post in the White House after he was ousted from Fox News “because he’d been named in too many lawsuits as an abettor of the multiple, large-scale sexual harassment allegations at the company.” And of course, Trump himself has been accused of sexual misconduct by many women, one of whom is suing him for defamation.

Peyser then, (in her infinite and obviously superior wisdom,) explains that it would have been easy for President Trump to abandon Brett Kavanaugh with zero evidence of wrongdoing because there are lots of other conservative judges to smear — I mean, appoint.

Trump could’ve ditched Kavanaugh when it was clear his confirmation was in peril weeks ago and picked one of several other judges just as conservative as the former George W. Bush attorney…

The article continues to explain that Justice Neil Gorsuch was appointed without any controversy. She neglects to note the many, many headlines that demanded that Trump appoint Merrick Garland, Obama’s SCOTUS pick just before a Presidential election. Nor does she acknowledge that Justice Kennedy’s seat is the one that shifts the balance of power on the Supreme Court.

Frankly, every single conservative judge that has been appointed in the last 30 years has been ‘illegitimate’ for some reason or another. Clarence Thomas, nominated by President George H.W. Bush, was subjected to a similar circus, which he called a ‘high tech lynching‘. John Roberts shouldn’t have been appointed because George W. Bush ‘stole’ the election from Al Gore, and Samuel Alito was illegitimate because Dubya shouldn’t have been re-elected since he didn’t win in 2000 anyway. I have already mentioned that, according to the Left, Justice Neil Gorsuch is currently sitting in the Supreme Court seat that rightfully belongs to Merrick Garland.

Peyser also explains that Kavanaugh could just slide to the side and take the character assassination as the price for daring to be a conservative that allowed his name to stand. Of course, she doesn’t say it that way, exactly.

Kavanaugh wouldn’t even have to admit to any wrongdoing, just issue a statement saying that the confirmation process was bad for his family and the country as a whole, etc., and go back to being an extremely powerful DC circuit judge. His replacement would almost certainly be easier to confirm—but pulling him would be a sign of weakness, a tacit surrender to the criticism that maybe a guy who’s been accused of sexual assault isn’t the best candidate for the job.

Or maybe it’s because the unverifiable allegations arose after days of questioning before the Senate Judiciary Committee, multiple private meetings with lawmakers, and there was no mention of attempted rape at any time, including in the 1200 questions that he was asked by Senators. This wasn’t an 11th-hour accusation, this was an 11:59:59 accusation. And suddenly, just as the first claim is starting to lose steam, these other ones pop up out of nowhere.

Peyser ‘Evesplains’ to us again that the reason that Trump supporters are backing this SCOTUS pick isn’t due to respect for the rule of law and that someone accused is ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ Nope, those can’t be the reasons. It’s because we want to unravel the ‘progressive’ moves made by Obama because it’ll really piss off leftists. We’re all just evil, racist, sexist simpletons that applaud Trump no matter what he says and want to destroy the planet so we can eat more cheeseburgers… or something.

Conservatives are standing behind Kavanaugh based on a simple principle: They want to own the libs. In the Trump era, “owning the libs” has become the GOP’s primary doctrine—whether it be the president undoing Barack Obama’s environmental regulations or his insistence that we must build the wall. These policies came about because, more than anything, it really pisses off the left.

Yes, that’s why conservatives do everything, right?

It has nothing to do with political philosophy or different ideology — it’s all just to ‘own the libs.’ We don’t really care about an Originalist Supreme Court Justice who will adjudicate based on the merits of each case, we don’t care about preserving the acknowledgment of rights and freedoms that cannot be overridden by any government that our brilliant Founders enshrined into the documents that guide our country — we just want to stick it to Obama by ripping apart his legacy. And of course, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the hijacking of the Supreme Court by activist Justices that have ‘discovered’ rights in the ‘living’ Constitution and have legislated by fiat.

Oh. My. Gosh.

She continues by ‘Evesplaining‘ that ‘owning the libs‘ isn’t about coherent political ideology, but scoring ‘cheap points in the culture war.‘ And then she gets on her high horse and declares, ‘As I wrote recently for Rolling Stone, owning the libs “isn’t about furthering an ideological goal, only churlishness—it seeks to make the world a nastier and dumber place. The emptiness of it all is haunting.”‘

Li’l Evie then says, ‘Much of the conservative response to the Kavanaugh allegations is based on the premise that Democrats are playing the same cynical game.

Did you catch that?

It’s the GOP that are the partisan hacks here, not the Democrats. The GOP who have bent themselves over backward to hear Dr. Blasey Ford, investigated even the most scurrilous of allegations, are being accused of being overtly partisan, while the Democrats that vowed opposition mere minutes after Judge Kavanaugh was named as the nominee, constantly stalled, refused to participate in the questioning behind the scenes, and have fundraised on the ginned-up controversy over Kavanaugh.

Don’t worry, kiddies, the All-Knowing-Peyser ‘Evesplains‘ why ‘owning the libs’ is a bad tactic.

One of the many problems “owning the libs” is that you get so wrapped up in tribalism that you end up owning yourself. Republicans are desperate to ensure they have a majority conservative Supreme Court before the midterm elections, which is why they’re trying to push Kavanaugh’s confirmation through without an FBI investigation of the allegations against him. It’s unclear whether the GOP would have enough time to confirm another nominee before the elections at this point, but if they win the midterms they’d have all the time in the world to confirm someone else—instead, Republicans standing by an increasingly unpopular nominee and likely hurting their political prospects in the process.

  1. Who is wrapped up in tribalism? Dear heavens, the left has made a uniform out of vagina costumes and pink knit cat hats.
  2. The GOP is ‘desperate to ensure they have a majority conservative Supreme Court‘ because the damned thing has been hijacked by activists that have discovered hidden penumbras that had suddenly jumped out when a sufficiently progressive case was presented before them.
  3. Is Evie suggesting that the Democrats are not fighting tooth and nail to keep their activist legislators on the bench? Puh-leeze.

Peyser summarizes by bringing up — Roe v. Wade, of course. Isn’t that what this is all about?

An easier path to creating a Supreme Court that could potentially overturn Roe v. Wade would’ve been dropping Kavanaugh at the first sign this was going to turn into a meat grinder and find someone else. Instead, Republicans prioritized giving the middle finger to the left. If this ends in total failure—Kavanaugh’s defeat, a Senate takeover by Democrats, and no Supreme Court confirmation period—the GOP will have nothing but itself to blame.

Source: Vice

In summary, if you don’t believe that a man’s reputation, career, family, and life in general, should be utterly destroyed in just a few days by the Media (D) feeding-frenzy over a decades-old allegation of sexual assault, it’s not because you’re worried that the same thing could happen to your father, husband, son, or friend.

You just want to ‘own the libs.’

This is an example of the Great Thinkers™ on the Left.

God help them.

Scratch that.

God help us all.


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