WATCH: This Parrot’s Frickin’ Hilarious – Is He Really Saying That?

The bird may not understand exactly what he’s saying… but 73 MILLION viewers seem to agree that his use of the profane phrase was exactly right.

One of the social media fads going around right now is when you confuse a pet with magic tricks.

And no, it’s not the simple ‘pretend-to-throw-the-ball’ trick that frustrates your excitable dog, either.

And this one isn’t the Three Card Monty where did my doggy-treat go stunt, either. — Although that can mess up a pet in some hilarious ways, too.

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This is the one where the pet owner makes himself disappear.

Hold up a blanket, hide behind it, give it a little flick into the air, and step through the doorway out of sight before it drops.


The traditional pets often freak out and run around in circles or howl in confusion.

This ‘profane parrot’ has a somewhat different reaction.

Wtf 😂😂😂

Posted by Jesse Collins on Saturday, August 18, 2018

Whatever you may think of his ‘fowl language’ he’s got the usage down cold.

Do you suppose the owners would brag about having taught it that spicy phrase, or would they use the old previous owner/rude roommate excuse?


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