WTF? CNN Actually Blasts Cory Booker For Spewing BS – It’s A Miracle!

Written by Wes Walker on September 7, 2018

Cory Booker went full Cory Booker, and CNN called it out. Is this ‘honest reporting’ or is Anderson Cooper just limiting the damage of Booker’s ‘Spartacus’ nonsense?

Even Anderson Cooper recognized this for what it was and called Senator Booker’s actions out as a political stunt to energize his 2020 hopes.

Of course, Booker denied it and claimed he was acting out of ‘principle’.

Here’s a quick paraphrase of the conversation:

I’m a badass! Look at me break all these rules out of my deeply-held principles!

But — Senator, you didn’t actually break any rules since the documents had already been released.

No, really I’m a badass. I’m a rule breaker! And nobody can stop me in my righteous cause!

Uh… take a breath Cory. It doesn’t seem like your brain’s getting as much oxygen as you need. And your eyes are starting to look a little … wild.

What is he so wound up about, anyway?

He’s CONVINCED that if he digs deep enough he can find some kind of ‘troubling’ tidbit to smear and disqualify the candidate. Because he sure can’t do it by winning Senate votes.

This isn’t about weighing the fitness of a judicial nominee to be elevated to a higher court. This is about destroying a nominee for purely partisan reasons.

Hey Booker — wasn’t it Obama who said ‘elections have consequences’? You just don’t like those consequences.

Without any principles to stand on, the only play he has left is to attack the character of the man.

Surprise, surprise, Booker is attempting to call someone he opposes a ‘racist’. And that’s the very FIRST time he’s ever pulled THAT card against a political rival, right?

We could be seeing the end of the era of Activist Judges who see shadows of penumbras of laws lurking in the negative spaces of the words between the ideas of the Constitution.

And that alone poses a mortal threat to the Left’s long-term Progressive agenda.

No wonder they’re so wild-eyed and loud over this nomination.

Hey, New Jersy, we gotta ask. Is Booker seriously the most qualified candidate you could dig up in your entire state for the position of Senator?

Or was this just some sort of an elaborate prank on the nation?