Christians & Voting: Does God Care Who Gets Elected?

Written by Doug Giles on October 4, 2018

Should Christians be ‘spiritual’ and ‘above it all’, or should we roll up our sleeves and get in the fray?

Politics and religion are those two things you’re not supposed to speak of in polite company — at least in Elizabeth England. Then again, look what’s become of England since. The rest of the world has no such problem with talking about politics and religion. (At least, not the kind that country approves of.)

Should Christians be involved in political discourse?

You’ve heard the above-it-all types wax philosophical happy to claim the bible verse that ‘their citizenship is in heaven’, without much thought given about how to put an actual plan behind their prayer ‘Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven‘.

As you may have guessed, the Warriors and Wildmen crew are NOT the ‘wax-philosophical-with-their-thumb-up-their-butt’ types. The success or failure of Christians in their civic duty has a very REAL and meaningful impact on what life looks like here and now.

If you’re hoping to elect some pristine nicer-that-Christ precious moments figurine, good luck with that. You might get excited about a Neville Chamberlain citing “the peace in our time” phrase out of the prayer book, but you may discover you have overlooked the Churchillian man-of-the-hour God actually sent to help you in the fight.

He sure doesn’t look like the kind of leader Jesus would send, does he?

Neither did David. He got criticized by his own wife for dancing nearly naked in public. He’d NEVER survive the gauntlet en route to the Supreme Court.

What exactly are we hoping for? Men of character? Real leaders?

They don’t always look the way you’d think.

If your national leader were a genocidal maniac, but you had a chance to kill him dead, would you? Bonhoeffer did. The attack failed, and he died a martyr’s death in prison, but he took a stand.

Is there some kind of stand to be made here and now? Doug and Rich dig deep into what that means for us.

Christians have traditionally BEEN the change a weary world needs.

It’s why unwanted orphans are no longer left in the wilderness to die.

It’s why widows in India are no longer burned on their husband’s funeral pyres.

It’s where rights of an individual, irrespective of race, class, gender or creed first took hold in law.

It’s where the idea of kings and leaders being subject to the law, rather than lords over it became codified.

Look at the Bill of Rights. Those are restraints on the wickedness of men exerting raw political power against private citizens.

Suppose you put a few wicked people who don’t care about such restraints in power and it isn’t too long before ordinary people suffer badly.

And the keep-your-head-down kind of Christians that just want to hold on long enough in this wicked world to coast into heaven don’t get a pass on that suffering.

There is no neutral in this fight. We have a luxury that Christians in so many parts of the world can only dream of — we have direct control over the people who create and enforce our laws.

If we take it for granted, we won’t have that luxury for long.

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