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FARCEBOOK Hates Conservatives But LOVES Taking MILLION$ From This SECRETIVE Organization

Democrats LOVE to use their new buzzword ‘Dark Money’ — except when you want to talk about THEIR OWN billionaire donors.

The bogus reason that Facebook gives for the Great Purge where hundreds of (mostly right-leaning) accounts went dark on October 11 is to protect the American public — from voting Republican.

Is America headed for a recession?

No, hang on a minute… that wasn’t their (official) reason.

To protect them from hearing the truth.

No, wait — to protect from being influenced ‘fake news’. Right. That was it.

Except that many of those sites weren’t actually deceptive in any way. Some were even just humor site, or even hobby sites having little or nothing to do with politics (Outdoor Beasts, for instance.)

We’re supposed to pretend that one of Soros activist groups (Media Matters) is NOT executing a Written ‘War Plan’ they had drafted in detail to prevent the Right from handing them another Devastating Loss like that one in 2016.

Meanwhile, “Dark Money” — as the Left would describe it if it were being funneled into a Pro-America right-leaning cause — is hard at work pushing politics in Facebook.

From May 7 to October 16—the period that Facebook’s newly created archive of political advertising covers—News for Democracy paid from $1.2 million $4.6 million to create, at a minimum, 45 million impressions through more than 2,600 ads. (Facebook’s data offer ranges, rather than precise amounts, of dollars spent or impressions generated. In calculating how many people were shown ads, McCoy’s team took the low number of the range, so the number of people who saw these ads is certainly higher, and possibly much higher.)

The biggest of News for Democracy’s ad buys went to pages with names like Women for Civility (8 million impressions), Better With Age (7.2 million), Our Flag Our Country (5.7 million), Living Free (5.4 million), and The Holy Tribune (4.2 million). Most of the ads consisted of one-minute videos, done in that Facebook style with text sliding around over footage making a single point. The ads were shown to two very specific groups of people: women ages 55 to 64 in Arkansas and mostly male Kansans under the age of 44.
Source: The Atlantic

They spent $400K in just two weeks of September, too.

Pretty significant for a network that didn’t even exist before August, wouldn’t you say?

If you were shown one of these ads and took the initiative to try to learn about the page running the advertising (say, Better With Age), you’d find precisely nothing in any page’s “About” section except that it was self-described as a “Media/News” organization. Moreover, Facebook offers no information about News for Democracy or any “ad sponsor.” News for Democracy has no website, no contact page, no email.
Source: The Atlantic

(And weren’t such spam networks explicitly targeted in the Great Purge of October 11? That’s not suspicious at all, is it?)

So who IS this group that hides its identity, but not their politics?

They are DELIBERATELY trying to push a Liberal Narrative to those who normally wouldn’t agree with it, with the intention of swaying voters.

Buried in unrelated Google results, you’d find an item from The Daily Beast’s Lachlan Markay, which linked together a series of Denver LLCs that were sponsoring ads on Facebook: Three of these entities share a Denver P.O. box with two other LLCs, one of which, Beautiful Colorado, features a video starring a man named Dan Fletcher. Fletcher, a media-industry veteran, co-founded a company, MotiveAI, with fellow Vice alum Kirsten Frisina (since departed). A Markay source tied the company to News for Democracy. He also reported that LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman is a backer. The company has raised $10 million in venture capital.

In an interview this week, Fletcher acknowledged to me that MotiveAI, working with outside groups, is behind News for Democracy. He said that his company is trying to reach people who don’t trust mainstream media and who find themselves awash in deceptive sources. Using audience, engagement, and polling data, they’ve tried to find people who might be open to liberal counterpoints pushed into their feeds.

“There’s an all-out battle against the truth and facts from both inside and outside of the United States,” Fletcher told me. “We know that the battle against truth isn’t going to stop, and interventions like this are important to ensure that many online communities who are prone to misinformation or no longer trust legitimate media sources can be reached with real news and good facts that they may not see otherwise.”
Source: The Atlantic [emphasis added]

These guys are SO committed to the truth, that they are using deceptive practices to promote it.

Normally we call that ‘lying’.

What was that legal principal Blumenthal so helpfully reminded us when he addressed Kavanaugh?

The senator asked Kavanaugh if he was familiar with “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus” which is a legal principle that dictates jurors can rule a witness to be false in everything if he says one thing that is not true.
Source: The Hill

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